SPKR Matrix Processor




Produces 3, 4 and 5 speaker stack outputs from stereo LR programme. This enables LR Mixes to be distributed to FOH across different stages widths, without changing channel panning or matrix feeds. The algorithm exploits a phased cross matrix to provide smooth LR panning across speaker stacks and also distributes far left and right to both sides, improving audibility at far left / right positions of the entire mix.

Delay-lines are included on all outputs for precise alignment. The rack provides basic sub management with dedicated delay and adjustable stereo cross-over filter.

The Inputs screen on the Back panel configures the source of the Speaker Matrix, typically the Main LR or a stereo Matrix. Outputs can be patched directly to XLR sockets.

ilivedynamic multbd3 multdb4

noologo symph hypa

ilivesmrsm 2tapdelay gated matrix

ilive-adt choruss ef