Peak Limiter 76
Peak Limiter 76

Classic compression.

Inspired by a world-famous limiting amplifier.

76 Black
76 Silver

Inspired by the legendary sound of two eras of one of the world's most revered FET limiting amplifiers - Peak Limiter 76 captures a sound immediately recognisable from the last 50 years of classic studio recordings.

Now available directly within your SQ, these emulations recreate every nuance to deliver the ultra-fast attack and characteristic colour and punch that the originals are known for, bringing a rich, dynamic sound to vocals, guitars, drums, bass and keyboards.

The unique sound of both the "blackface" and later "silverface" models are available at the flick of a switch, and we've even included the famous "all-buttons" mode for when you want to really dirty things up.

Use it for:

- Keep lead vocals up front with just the right amount of warmth and grit

- Get explosive classic rock drum sounds

- Add real presence to bass, guitars and keys

- Use 'All-Buttons' mode for characterful distortion

Audio Examples

Peak Limiter 76 round

Double trouble


The original hardware that inspired Peak Limiter 76 has been through multiple revisions since its introduction in the late 1960s, with most of the models having their own tonal characteristics.

After discussions with numerous engineers and many listening sessions we focused on studying two classic variants.

The early 70s' "blackface" models we chose have a pleasing vintage sound balanced by musical low-mids and a brightness even under heavy compression.

The later "silverface" units we studied were popular with live sound engineers for their low-noise performance and deliver a tighter, more aggressive compression than the earlier units.

Both versions are available on all inputs and mix busses with just the flick of a switch.

Simple, powerful controls


Peak Limiter 76 offers the perfect combination of ease-of-use and versatility.

A huge array of sounds can be dialed in on the fly thanks to the simple control set, and the five ratio settings provide a palette of compression and peak-limiting possibilities unmatched by other dynamics processors. Use low ratios for classic compression, and high ratios for limiting.

Enabling the 'All-Buttons' mode and maxing the Attack and Release delivers explosive distortion to any instrument. 


"The Peak Limiter 76 captures the essence of those original hardware units perfectly.

To be able to have one on every channel is just incredible."


John Cornfield, Producer and Engineer - Sawmills Studios
(Muse, Robert Plant, Supergrass, Athlete)