Morrissey has completed an extensive tour of the USA travelling with Allen & Heath iLive modular systems to manage FOH and Monitors.

Culminating in a headline performance at LA’s FYF Festival, the systems comprised iDR10 MixRacks with an iLive-80 Surface at FOH and iLive-112 on Monitors.

Speaking at the Festival, David ‘Milky’ Millward, Morrissey’s FOH Engineer, was asked to describe Allen & Heath’s brand in one word.


“Innovative!” he exclaimed.


“There are very clever people at Allen & Heath; they are doing things that you wish everyone would do. Other manufacturers could really learn from them. I don’t know any other console that is more flexible than iLive,” continued Milky.


According to Milky, the control and system information is readily available for him on the Surface.


“Besides the fact that it has great sound quality and the built-in effects are absolutely superb, the console is incredibly small. Everything is in arms reach,” he said.


A very important companion at FYF Fest was Milky’s iLive MixPad app, which gave him the freedom to walk around a bustling crowd and still control the iLive digital mixing system.


“It’s quick and efficient. I use a CAT5 cable as a network connection through the iDR10 to FOH, which I connect to a gigabit router. I use it much like a hub to connect my laptop and my Wi-Fi for using the iPad app. The iLive MixPad is an essential tool I use when I’m walking around and setting up a system, especially where balconies are involved,” he said.