A New Qu For Everyone Everywhere

Guitar Center and Allen & Heath are pleased to announce the arrival of the Qu-32, the new flagship mixer in Allen & Heaths Qu series. The Qu-32s are now on display in 100 Guitar Center stores across the United States and are connected to PA speakers, with trained staff on hand to demonstrate the features of these next generation digital mixers. This is the first time that so many of the world’s largest musical instrument retailer’s outlets have showcased Allen & Heath digital consoles.

Launched under the banner ‘digital mixing reshaped’, Qu-32 is a 38 in / 28 out digital mixer, offering a big 7” touchscreen married to an interface that has been optimized for intuitive operation. With one motorized fader per channel and Allen & Heath’s AnalogiQ recallable preamps, Qu-32 makes it easy to save and recall mixes. Capturing multi-track recordings is also quick and simple, thanks to the onboard Qu-Drive 18 channel USB recorder. Qu-32 is a self-contained mixer with all the I/O on the back, but the dSNAKE port gives the option to connect to a family of remote AudioRacks over a Cat5 digital snake, so the I/O can be positioned onstage.




Allen & Heath’s Sales & Marketing Director, Christian Luecke commented on the deal, “We are thrilled that in partnership with Guitar Center we are helping more customers to get hands-on experience of the Qu series. Speaking with people in-store, they are enjoying the opportunity to feel and hear the quality of a true professional digital mixer. That’s something you just can’t get from a website.”


Guitar Center’s Senior VP of Technology Merchandise & Proprietary Product Management, Bill Wrightson was equally enthusiastic: “The Allen & Heath Qu-32 has been creating quite a buzz from the first day it arrived in our stores. The console has been turning the heads of live bands, recording artists, and our house of worship customers. For many of them this is the first time that they have seen and heard an Allen & Heath digital mixer and they are amazed at the feature set and the intuitive, approachable layout of the Qu-32 console.”