Mixed In Key has released Xone Mixed In Key 5, the latest version of its harmonic-mixing software, which offers new features and functions including multi-core support, on-screen audio player, multiple-key recognition and a powerful new key-detection algorithm.

Used by world-class DJs like David Guetta, Pete Tong, and Kaskade, Mixed In Key software quickly and accurately identifies the keys and tempos of digital music files, making it easy for DJs to create mashups and play perfect DJ sets.



Xone Mixed In Key 5 offers multi-processor support for both Mac and Windows, allowing the software to take full advantage of the blazing speeds possible on multicore CPUs. Another highlight is the new Audio Player, which lets users audition the key-detected songs and samples from within the software. In addition to existing support for MP3 and WAV file formats, Xone Mixed In Key 5 adds M4A and MP4 (video file) support.

The new key-detection algorithm provides enhanced levels of accuracy and sophistication, and can detect key changes within songs. Key changes are clearly shown in the waveform display of the Audio Player, allowing users to see, at a glance, where in the song the change occurs. Whereas the key detection in previous versions looked at a song-file as a single entity, the new algorithm analyzes it as a series of beat-aligned segments. This ability to analyse short audio files means that remixers and producers can use Xone Mixed In Key when working with sample and loop libraries, making it easier to find files in the same key.

As with previous versions, Xone Mixed In Key 5 uses the Camelot Wheel system, which displays key names on a circular chart that is numbered and colour-coded. This approach makes harmonic mixing easier by graphically showing which songs are compatible with each other. In version 5, a clickable Camelot Wheel offers an elegant new way to see key-detected material. Once the software has analysed, a collection of songs (for example, an iTunes library), clicking on a key name on the Camelot Wheel instantly brings up a list of all the files in that key, making song selection a snap.

”Mixed In Key 5 is the professional DJ’s choice for harmonic mixing. It’s a powerful DJ tool that connects with your favorite DJ software and DJ hardware, and makes it possible to mix harmonically regardless of your medium,” says Yakov Vorobyev, president of Mixed In Key. “We love it when people use Mixed In Key with Traktor, CD-Js, Serato Scratch Live, and all other DJ and sequencer apps - it works perfectly with them and takes your DJ sets to the next level.”