Nexus Christian Fellowship Connect With Allen & Heath in Bangkok

With over 20 locations throughout Thailand, the Nexus Christian Fellowship is a growing network of Christian churches that place live music at the heart of the weekly worship gatherings.


When work began on a new worship space in Bangkok, the third such space in Thailand’s sprawling capital, Nexus enlisted Sonos Libra, Allen & Heath’s distribution partner in the region, to specify and install a new sound system capable of handling the full array of modern worship requirements, but with the ability to be controlled by non-technical operators for day-to-day usage.


Avantis – The 64-channel Avantis was deployed at FOH in the church.


For the FOH system, a 64-channel Avantis mixer is deployed, fitted with Dante a card for the digital split and live-stream feed, plus a Waves 3 card for external processing. The fully customisable Custom Control app is utilised to provide simplified control of the FOH system by non-technical operators, with a bespoke user interface ensuring core functions can be controlled by users of all capabilities.


At the monitor position, a 48-channel SQ-6 is deployed with the 12 stereo mixes used to feed the performers IEMs. Additionally, performers can control their monitor mixes via the SQ4You personal mixing app for iOS/Android. The SQ-6 is fitted with a 64x64 SQ Dante card which is used for the digital split to the FOH system as well as providing a feed to the live-stream and recording room elsewhere in the church.


SQ – SQ-6 was the choice at the monitor position, with 12 stereo mixes feeding IEMs.


Onstage I/O is provided by a pair of DX168 audio expanders, delivering 32 analogue inputs and 16 analogue outputs all via Allen & Heath’s ultra-low latency 96kHz DX protocol.


“Houses of worship are not new for us, so we know how important it is that the system delivers high-quality audio for both speech and music,” says Alfonso Martin, CEO of Sonos Libra. “However, our approach to Nexus Church had a twist with the flexibility options added on: a Dante backbone at 96kHz that could be picked up and expanded to any of the other rooms within the building, Custom Control with easy-to-control presets for different functions and days, plus a Waves card for additional processing if required.”


Cards – Dante was used for the main audio backbone throughout the church, with a Waves card enabling external processing when required.


K. Thom, Technical Manager at the church, adds “We have a lot of volunteers and non-technical staff who are tasked with handling high-performance systems, so the combination of Avantis, which has the in-depth functions for technical users, with the easy to use Custom Control App is a perfect combination.”