Oval Space invests in excellent Allen & Heath GLD console

Oval Space, a multi-use arts and events venue in Bethnal Green, has recently invested in an Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital console, supplied by LMC Audio London.

​Dominic Gross, Head Engineer at Oval Space discusses the requirements of a console in an environment and venue such as Oval Space: “As a truly multi-use space, we knew that we needed a flexible and user-friendly console that still sounded great, for both seasoned engineers and those users with more limited experience. The GLD seemed to tick all of the boxes.” Gross’s own experience with the console has been good, commenting, “The GLD just seems to work in all the right ways. Menus are where I would expect them to be, the touch screen is excellent, and most importantly, it sounds like an analogue desk! The stage box is a major plus for us too…I never want to see a 48-way multi-core ever again.”

Feedback from other users has also been positive, Gross adding, “The response to the desk has been excellent all round. It’s good to see a visiting engineer get into a mix within 30 seconds of laying hands on the GLD.

Oval Space recently hosted the highly anticipated launch of Atoms For Peace’s album Amok, led by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, for which the GLD was deployed.


Mick Brown, Tour Manager for Atoms For Peace, comments:

“When advancing the Atoms For Peace DJ show at Oval Space, the first thing I mentioned to our sound engineer, Mikko Gordon, was that he might prefer a more modern mixing desk for our show.

When contacting the technical team at Oval Space they informed me they were aware and were going to trial an A&H GLD-80. I told Mikko and he was happy with their choice of desk, as was I. Wearing my other hat as Gaz Coombes’ FOH engineer, I had used one on Gaz's UK tour in October 2012 and I was very impressed with the flexibility and, more importantly, the sound the GLD has. The small foot print was also important as the Atoms For Peace show was going to be a well-attended show so any space we could save at FOH was going to be very important. The show went very well and the GLD-80 proved its flexibility for the Atoms for Peace show.”



The GLD will become the in-house FOH desk for the majority of events at Oval Space and on the occASIOTMn that a larger FOH console is brought in, Gross explains that the GLD will take up monitor duties: “The flexibility of the CAT5 stage box system means that we can deploy it anywhere within the space as needed. This is important, as every event requires something different. We’re very much looking forward to adding MADI to the GLD shortly, to allow us to run all digital throughout our signal flow.”

He continues, “Oval Space is a great challenge, we host everything from small corporate events to full gigs and all-night parties, so it never gets boring. Having a management team so very passionate about every aspect - especially the sound - really helps make it an exciting place to work.”

Sam Simon-Norris, Technical Sales at LMC Audio London, who attended the Atoms For Peace show, providing technical support for Gross and the team at Space, comments: “The GLD has become a bit of a favourite for me in the small format market; it’s bursting with features, really simple to use and still retains an impressive price point. Like any venue moving from analogue to digital, I’m sure the GLD’s fast-paced interface and copy and paste functions are a welcome timesaving tool. It was a treat to get down and see Dom, the desk and the whole team in action, in what looks to become a very successful venue.”

Commenting on the service he has received from LMC, Gross says, “LMC have been great in all aspects. From arranging multiple demos, to even attending and instructing at an event, the service has been flawless.”

Stuart McKay, Allen & Heath Digital Console and Installation Specialist for Audio-Technica, comments, “Oval Space is a great new venue for GLD and I am really pleased that the console will be an integral part of the high quality audio system that they already have installed. Dom and the rest of the team will do a great job using it and I know that they will be well supported by the team at LMC Audio.”