To celebrate 50 years of inspiring lifelong learning in the community, Seattle's own Pacific Science Center has enhanced a key facility that continually brings science to life on the big screen by installing a secondary sound system that includes an Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital mixing console and AR24-12 audio rack in the PACCAR IMAX Theater.

​Originally established during the 1962 Seattle World's Fair as the United States Science Pavilion, The Pacific Science Center's historic Eames Theater is the creation of the iconic American designers Charles and Ray Eames. Last year, the Eames Theater underwent major reconstruction to incorporate capacity to screen both 2D and 3D films, two new digital sound systems, new seating and a complete refurbishment of the space, thanks to generous support from the Ginger and Barry Ackerley Foundation and design firm NNBJ. It was then given new life as the PACCAR IMAX Theater.


Pictured with the GLD-80 is Jenn Bentz, Projection Staff Supervisor, Pacific Science Center.


The theater is now a premier venue for hosting lectures, debates, multi-media presentations and other engaging programs that reflect the Pacific Science Center's mission of inspiring its community about science.

The theater's new lecture sound system was designed and installed by Morgan Sound, an A/V integrator serving the Pacific Northwest for nearly 40 years. The system was commissioned to use for lectures, symposia and meetings held in the 320-seat venue when films are not being screened. The project had an unusual challenge: to preserve the architectural integrity of the historic building while bringing state-of-the-art technology to the space.

"We chose the GLD-80 for its flexibility, versatility and value, and because we knew it could be installed in a noninvasive manner," said Charlie Morgan, president of Morgan Sound. "Several components including the 48 channel count, CAT-5 snake, powerful EQ, intuitive nature and ability to expand at a future date made the Allen & Heath system the perfect fit for this venue."

The AR24-12 is installed in the IMAX projection room and the GLD-80 can be moved anywhere in the room to fit the needs of the event.  Four wall plates were also added in the theater making it an easy to use plug 'n' play system.

Expansion and outreach are key to administrators of the PACCAR, who envision reaching out to every county in the state of Washington with provocative lectures, community discussions and classroom programs.

"With this major addition of a dedicated sound system designed for lectures, forums and other multi-media presentations, PACCAR has become even more versatile for science related conversations for our community," said Diane Carlson, Vice President Guest Services & Theaters, "The renovated facility is a great addition to the Science Center that could not have been possible without our generous supporters."