Personal Monitoring Solutions

A Great Show Starts With A Great Monitor Mix

From intimate club gigs to sold-out concerts and worship services, the performer’s monitor mix is the foundation of every show. Allen & Heath offers several solutions for the performer to take control of their own mix - whether through wedges, headphones or IEMs - to ensure that the mix is perfect where it matters most.


ME Personal Mixing System

Personal Mixers with Local Outputs

The ME system is one of the most sophisticated personal monitoring solutions on the market, allowing control of up to 40 sources by any number of performers without consuming any Mix busses on the main console. A powerful stereo headphone amplifier, plus a separate mono ¼” line output provide monitoring options for the performer directly from the personal mixer, while PoE compatibility helps to reduce cables and clutter on the stage.

Compatible with: dLive, SQ, Qu


IP Remote Controllers

The Ultimate Hands-On Control
For the ultimate in tactile personal mixing, the IP6 and IP8 controllers can be configured to give the performer control over multiple parameters, making them ideal for wireless IEMs fed from mixer outputs. IP controller configurations can be changed via Scenes and the engineer can always gain control of the performer’s Mix if required.

Compatible with: dLive

Personal Mixing Apps

Wireless Control via Phone or Tablet
Our dLive, SQ and Qu series each have their own personal mixing app - and they're all free to download!

Compatible with: dLive, SQ , Qu