Portuguese PA company, ST Sonorizações Tuna, Lda, recently purchased Allen & Heath’s new Qu-24 compact digital mixer to add to its hire stock.


“I invested in the Qu-24 for some of the smaller shows we manage where we do  not need a lot of channels, Qu-24 is the perfect console as it is compact and has all the features we need to do a professional job. Out of all the consoles I tested, this one really impressed me with it’s great sound quality, quick setup, and easy operation. It’s a good investment!” comments CEO, Paulo Tuna.

ST_revday ST_PO

The mixer was used for the first time at a Revolution Day celebration held in an auditorium in Mogadouro in the north of Portugal.


Sound engineer on the night, Pedro Oliveira, comments:


“This console is perfect for smaller events. It has a great sound, and is very fast and intuitive to work with, including an easy set up procedure. In short, it’s small but powerful!”