Just Sound in the UK has supplied a PA rig based around an iLive digital mixing system to the Royal Military School of Music, which will operate and loan the equipment to the British Army's bands performing around the globe. The system was designed to be compact for air portability on a variety of military aircraft, with minimum set-up time.

The rig will be used in dangerous hot spots, such as Helmand province in Afghanistan where Army bands will play to military audiences in operating bases all over the area. The system can provide sound reinforcement for up to 600 spectators and is capable of supporting a full popular music band, including drums, bass, two guitars, keys, a horn section, vocals and backing vocals.



“iLive was chosen because it has a high channel count and large amounts of processing in an extremely compact footprint, which is lightweight and easy to transport,” explains Pete Busby from Just Sound. “iLive has a large range of dynamic control and FX engines built-in, which means that additional outboard equipment is not required.”

The system rack incorporates the fixed I/O iDR-32 MixRack and rack-mounted iLive-R72 Control Surface, power distribution via EMO and Furman devices, 4-channel FP+ 10000Q monitor amplifier with distribution and a couple of other devices. This is complemented by a Tannoy VQ Live speaker system, as well as Audix and Shure mics.

“iLive’s versatile functionality and modes of configuration make it perfect for users with differing degrees of experience and preferred methods of sound operating. The ability to store and recall shows quickly and easily means the operators can set the desk up for many different scenarios and recall them without any hassle,” concludes Busby.