dLive MixRacks

The MixRack is the heart of any dLive system. It houses the XCVI processing core complete with audio I/O, control and audio networking ports. It is typically connected to a dLive Surface, but can also be controlled at the same time as or even without a Surface using a laptop or iPad, Allen & Heath IP remotes or third party controllers via TCP/IP.

There are 3 sizes of dLive MixRack available. All feature the same mix engine and differ only in the number of analogue I/O. All models can work with the full 128 channels by adding DX expanders or patching digital sources.

Allen & Heath dLive Racks


32 in / 16 out

Allen & Heath dLive Racks


48 in / 24 out

Allen & Heath dLive Racks


64 in / 32 out

dLive Expanders

A dLive system can be expanded by adding up to 3 DX32 modular racks.

Allen & Heath dLive Racks


4x 8ch slots