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Upcoming Webinars and Live Streams
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Allen & Heath Sessions cover different topics each week and are all recorded, allowing newcomers to understand system configuration from the ground up, and experienced engineers to complete their knowledge on specific technical aspects.

Join us to explore the power and possibilities of all the 96kHz XCVI based mixing platforms, with plenty of live Q&A throughout.

Remote Control

Remote Control - dLive & Avantis

10th June 2021 - 3PM UK time

In this Webinar, Jack will explore the multiple remote control options for dLive and Avantis, such as IP controllers, Director, Custom Control and the all important Apps...


MIDI - Fundamentals 

15th June 2021 - 3PM UK time

Alex and Val will go over the basics of MIDI. What is MIDI, where can it be deployed, and how can third-party devices that use MIDI integrate with A&H mixers.

MIDI - dLive & Avantis

17th June 2021 - 3PM UK time

Jack will be exploring how dLive and Avantis use MIDI to integrate with third-party devices and software.

MIDI - Integration with A&H 

22nd June 2021 - 3PM UK time

Val and Martijn will be covering the various options of integrating MIDI with Allen & Heath mixers. This will include the A&H Midi Control driver, Midi Monitor software, and an exclusive interview with Bome Founder,  Florian Bomers.

MIDI - SQ & Qu

24th June 2021 - 3PM UK time

Keith will be taking a look at MIDI implementation for Qu and SQ.


Processing - Coming July 2021

Previous Webinars and Live Streams


Remote Control - SQ

3rd June 2021 - 4PM UK time

Keith checks out the SQ-MixPad and SQ4You apps, including how to set them up and why they make life easy.


Remote Control - Qu 

3rd June 2021 - 3PM UK time

Keith explores the different options for remote control of Qu using the Qu-Pad, Qu-You and Qu-Control apps. Including setup and an overview of each.


Rig & Mix Rundown

1st June 2021 - 4PM UK time

In this Rig & Mix Rundown, we talk to SQ super user Klaus Bröckel about a recent Alvin Mills Project live stream to find out how he made it sound so good!

Surface Controls

Surface Controls - dLive & Avantis

27th May 2021 - 3PM UK time

In this Webinar, Jack will talk about the vast range of customisable controls on the dLive and Avantis surfaces, from custom faders to shortcuts and softkeys...


SQ - Surface Controls

20th May 2021 - 4PM UK time

Keith will be talking about physical workflow, custom layouts, SoftKeys and Soft Rotaries on the SQ digital mixers.


Qu - Surface Controls

20th May 2021 - 3PM UK time

Keith will be talking about physical workflow, custom layer and softkeys on the Qu digital mixers.

System Setup

System Setup & Configuration - dLive & Avantis

13th May 2021 - 3PM UK time

Jack looks at setting things up for your first show on dLive and Avantis


SQ Setup & Configuration

6th May 2021 - 4PM UK time

Keith looks at the first steps to take before you start mixing on SQ.


Qu Setup & Configuration

6th May 2021 - 3PM UK time

Keith gets the Qu ready for mixing.


ME & Personal Monitoring

29th April 2021 - 3PM UK time

In this Webinar, Jack and Keith discuss the ME Personal Monitoring system and all the possibilities for connection, setup and use with our dLive, Avantis, SQ and Qu ranges.


A&H Mixer Compatibility

15th April 2021 - 3PM UK time

Keith, Jack and Val go in-depth, looking how multiple A&H Mixers can interconnect to seamlessly create a turnkey multi-application solution.

Discussing clocking, digital audio protocols, Gain-Tracking, example setups and much much more...


Everything I/O (dLive/Avantis)

1st April 2021 - 3PM UK time

Jack will be looking at the extensive expansion possibilities for dLive and Avantis.

Including the Everything IO EcoSystem, Expanders, option cards, Network Protocols and Topologies and Auto-Firmware matching.


Rig & Mix Rundown

30th March 2021 - 5PM UK time

This Rig & Mix Rundown features an SQ setup used recently by André Schaier.
From the planning to the actual shows, we check out the whole setup and get some insights into the mixing choices that were made.


Everything I/O (SQ)

25th March 2021 - 3PM UK time

Keith explores Everything I/O options for SQ, how to get audio in and out of the XCVI core and what's actually going on where with the analogue/digital/sample rate conversion.


Everything I/O

23rd March 2021 - 3PM UK time

A Look into the Everything IO EcoSystem, Expanders, option cards, Network Protocols and Topologies, Auto-Firmware matching…

Val offers a technical overview of A&H Digital Protocols, including DX, GX, GigaAce, and the all important SLink ports.


All About XCVI - dLive and Avantis

18th March 2021- 3PM UK time

Jack will talk you through some examples of where low latency and mix-coherency can benefit you on dLive and Avantis.


All About XCVI - SQ

11th March 2021 - 3PM UK time

Keith will explore the benefits of XCVI in SQ mixers and how mix-coherency and low latency can help you and your mix.


In the Zone with GR4

3rd March 2021 - 3PM UK time

In this Webinar, Martijn will be exploring the simple yet powerful possibilities of the GR4 1U mixer. He will go in-depth into the routing, remote control and functionality of the unit, with plenty of time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Rig & Mix Rundown

2nd March 2021 - 9PM UK time

This Rig & Mix Rundown features Dylan Mitrovich's SQ setup.
Using external FX with a low latency Dante rig (and a big fancy touchscreen!).
Followed by live Q&A.

Digital Mixer Architecture

25th February 2021 - 3PM UK time

Jack, Val and Keith will talk you through the "Ins and Outs" of the A&H environment. We'll discuss the difference between physical IO, Input and Output Processing channels, Routing and more, on the dLive, Avantis, and SQ platforms.


Expanding dLive & Avantis with Custom Control

Monday December 7th - 10am & 4pm UK Time

So many control options.... In next week’s Custom Control webinar, Val looks at how to expand your Avantis and dLive by creating custom layouts in Custom Control.

He's looking at personal monitor mixes, audio-distribution control and more in this Session, with the usual Q&A to answer your queries.

Deeper into Dante

Tuesday December 8th - 10am & 4pm UK Time

This session will include a world exclusive preview of forthcoming Allen & Heath Dante-enabled hardware and software products.

From installation to live sound, as #Dante networking becomes an ever increasingly important component in our customers’ systems and solutions, this webinar takes a look at how we are increasing our integration possibilities via Dante and expanding our ‘Everything I/O’ ecosystem.

We will look at how these solutions can be used with or without an Allen & Heath mixer, and can be the perfect fit in corporate environments, houses of worship, theatres and educational facilities.

We’ll also be covering some exciting case studies where Dante was a critical component.

w/ Allen & Heath’s Nic Beretta and Audinate’s Augusto Marcondes


Broadcast Mixing & Streaming with SQ

In this exciting and timely webinar, we'll examine the specifics and challenges of broadcast mixing & streaming and demonstrate using SQ.

Featuring an exclusive interview with esteemed broadcast engineer Rob Ashard, the session will include plenty of Q&A time to answer your questions.


Mixing Orchestras with dLive & PRIME

We're going classical and talking orchestral mixing with a seasoned pro.

In this webinar, Val speaks to Ian Barfoot, a renowned engineer having worked with numerous orchestras and served as long time FOH for Rick Wakeman.

Join us to dive into the world of mixing live orchestras and discover how dLive and PRIME make quick work (and great sound) with the high channel counts.

Avantis for Houses of Worship

In this webinar, Val will present an overview of how Avantis is making waves in Houses of Worship.

The session includes an interview digging into the Avantis install at Welcome Church in Woking, UK - with Andrew Hardiman from AV company SFL, and Charles C - Production Lead at the church.

dLive for Musicals

Join Val and Jack to learn more about how Andrew 'The MixWizard' Crawford deploys dLive in Musical Theatre.

The MixWizard shares some of his tips & tricks and how he customises his dLive to best suit his workflow.


Stepping Up To dLive

Great mix insights coming up in next week's webinar which sees Val chatting to long-time dLive user Dave McDonald, who has been behind the desk for artists such as Portishead, Air, Sigor Ros, Florence & the Machine, Adele, Broken Bells and Frank Ocean.

Dave will be talking about how he transitioned to dLive and never looked back.

Mix Wizard Sessions - Mix tips and tricks from Andrew Crawford at TAG in Australia

Drew Thornton Q&A - Drew Thornton answers your questions from social media.