Upcoming Webinars and Live Streams

Paging & Ambient Noise Compensation

9th September 2021 – 3PM UK time     Join Martijn and Samantha in this interactive webinar to discuss how Paging and Ambient Noise Compensation can be deployed in a Church environment. The team will be looking into a real-life … Continued

Previous Webinars and Live Streams

All About XCVI – SQ

11th March 2021 – 3PM UK time Keith will explore the benefits of XCVI in SQ mixers and how mix-coherency and low latency can help you and your mix. Watch Recording on Facebook

All About XCVI – dLive and Avantis

18th March 2021- 3PM UK time Jack will talk you through some examples of where low latency and mix-coherency can benefit you on dLive and Avantis. Watch Recording on Facebook

Everything I/O

23rd March 2021 – 3PM UK time A Look into the Everything IO EcoSystem, Expanders, option cards, Network Protocols and Topologies, Auto-Firmware matching… Val offers a technical overview of A&H Digital Protocols, including DX, GX, GigaAce, and the all important … Continued

Everything I/O (SQ)

25th March 2021 – 3PM UK time Keith explores Everything I/O options for SQ, how to get audio in and out of the XCVI core and what’s actually going on where with the analogue/digital/sample rate conversion. Watch Recording on Facebook

Rig & Mix Rundown

30th March 2021 – 5PM UK time This Rig & Mix Rundown features an SQ setup used recently by André Schaier. From the planning to the actual shows, we check out the whole setup and get some insights into the … Continued

Everything I/O (dLive/Avantis)

1st April 2021 – 3PM UK time Jack will be looking at the extensive expansion possibilities for dLive and Avantis. Including the Everything IO EcoSystem, Expanders, option cards, Network Protocols and Topologies and Auto-Firmware matching. Watch Recording on Facebook

A&H Mixer Compatibility

15th April 2021 – 3PM UK time Keith, Jack and Val go in-depth, looking how multiple A&H Mixers can interconnect to seamlessly create a turnkey multi-application solution. Discussing clocking, digital audio protocols, Gain-Tracking, example setups and much much more… Watch … Continued

ME & Personal Monitoring

29th April 2021 – 3PM UK time In this Webinar, Jack and Keith discuss the ME Personal Monitoring system and all the possibilities for connection, setup and use with our dLive, Avantis, SQ and Qu ranges. Watch Recording on Facebook

Qu Setup & Configuration

6th May 2021 – 3PM UK time Keith gets the Qu ready for mixing. Watch Recording on Facebook

Mix Wizard Sessions
Mix tips and tricks from Andrew Crawford at TAG in Australia

Drew Thornton Q&A
Drew Thornton answers your questions from social media.