16VU Compressor Limiter
16VU Compressor Limiter

Old-school. Forever cool.

Legendary VCA-based RMS compression.


Inspired by the performance and character of a legendary solid-state VCA compressor, the 16VU captures the spirit of this classic sound and serves it up within your SQ. 

An essential addition to every engineer's sonic arsenal, the original hardware was a mainstay of every recording studio from the late 1970s onwards and featured on countless classic albums, becoming regarded as one of the best drum compressors ever made. 16VU puts our recreation of this highly sought-after sound at your fingertips. 

Use it for:

- Add a studio classic to your compressor arsenal

 - Get pleasing low-end 'musical glue' on any instrument

- Fatten up drums, bass, keys and vocals

- Bring out the 'knock' on percussive sources

Ben Hammond gives a quick overview of 16VU.

Inspired by the performance and character of a legendary solid-state VCA compressor, the 16VU captures the spirit of this classic sound and serves it up within your mixer. Get 16VU for your SQ or Avantis here: https://shop.allen-heath.com/

Audio Examples


Vintage VCA character.
Across the board.


With its warm, grainy character and non-linear response, 16VU has a unique sonic signature, quite unlike the modern equivalents of the original hardware. 

If you want to get technical, it's the distortion on lower mids that engineers really love - often referring to it as low-end 'sonic glue'.  

Simple controls & metering.


Because the original hardware unit preceeded the era of progressive or 'easy' soft knees, 16VU  offers a simple fixed knee, with a threshold 'above/below' indicator for easy visibility of compressor threshold setup.


test <br/> 16 in 8 out DX something

The VU can show input, output or GR level selectively.  The VU GR ballistics are well suited for gauging the amount of compression being applied to the track. 

Again we have provided a fully flexible sidechain with filter for and phase coherent parallel path.


"The 16VU is a little less aggressive and works particularly well with acoustic guitars where you need to control the dynamic, it's just perfect for that."


John Cornfield, Producer and Engineer - Sawmills Studios
(Muse, Robert Plant, Supergrass, Athlete)