DynEQ4 Dynamic EQ
DynEQ4 Dynamic EQ

Dynamic Equalisation.

EQ when and where it's needed.


DynEQ4 is a problem solver. Use it to remove unwanted frequencies, or add body, warmth, clarity or sparkle to an otherwise dead sound. All based on the frequency dynamics of the source, with four completely configurable bands.

Resonant frequencies when the bassist plays too hard - solved.
Dull and lifeless mix - solved.
Harsh frequencies when a singer pushes their voice - solved.
Bottom end disappears when playing softly - solved.

This powerful add-on runs in the SQ's built in FX rack, giving you up to 8 independent FX units which can be inserted on any input or mix channel as required.

No need to carry or set up any extra equipment, just there when you need it.

Use it to:

- Deal with problem frequencies

- Control the tone of dynamic sources

- Add excitement to a source or mix

Audio Examples


DynEQ4 provides


Clean dynamic equalisation with log domain ballistics, asymmetrical width, proportional Q response and an accurate emulation of the filter gain summing process found in high-end analogue units.

DynEQ4 also allows for both cascade and parallel sidechain filter configurations.

Cascaded sidechain is the default with filters accommodating any changes from the previous band.

Parallel avoids band interaction and allows easier setup of each band. In both cases Left and Right channels are summed to produce a common sidechain signal.