Tube Stage Preamp
Tube Stage Preamp

Classic tube character.


Tube Stage

100 years after their introduction to the world of audio, valves are still relied on daily by sound engineers all over the world for the vintage colour and euphonic distortion characteristics they impart upon audio signals.

Utilising the engine behind dLive's Dual Stage Valve preamp model, Tube Stage enables engineers to dial-in authentic tube character, from very subtle colouration to harmonic overdrive, quicker than ever before with six presets and a simplified control set.

Use it for:

- Get glorious valve tones on every SQ input channel - without adding latency!

- From vocals to bass, get subtle valve overdrive to full-on grit

Audio Examples


As simple as it gets.


Sometimes you just need to quickly change a sound with minimal tweaking.

Tube Stage offers 6 distinct circuits via a rotary selector, and with Fine Adjustment and Level control, it doesn’t get any easier to dial in your perfect tone.