Personal Mixing App for SQ



Personal Monitoring App

SQ4You is a personal mixing app to accompany SQ series mixers, allowing up to 8 performers to control their own monitor mixes from their Android or iOS devices and freeing the audio engineer to focus on the front-of-house sound.

– Available for Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch) –
– Compatible with all SQ series mixers –
– Up to 8 devices running SQ4You simultaneously* –
– Select one of SQ’s 12 mono or stereo mixes to control –
– Assign which sources to control (Channels, FX returns, Groups) –
– View channel numbers, names and meters –
– Assign up to 4 groups of sources to level control wheels –
– Create a ‘Me’ group for quick control of your own channels –
– Custom name each group –
– Control the mix master level and mute, PEQ, GEQ and compressor –
– Control the mix send levels and pan –


* The maximum number of SQ remote apps that can be connected is 8, with a maximum of 2 instances of SQ-MixPad. For example, you could connect 2 instances of SQ-MixPad and 6 instances of SQ4You, or 1 instance of SQ-MixPad and 7 instances of SQ4You.

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