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App also now available for PC and Mac

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  • Set up shows without an SQ to hand
  • Manage shows and scenes offline
  • Send and receive displays entire shows

Refer to the SQ V1.4 Firmware Reference Guide and SQ-MixPad help for more details.



Link processing and parameters across multiple input channels

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  • 8 gangs with up to 12 members in each
  • Individually configure each gang to link levels, routing, EQ and dynamics as needed
  • Switchable per-scene for instant changes
  • Incredibly quick drag n’ drop setup

Refer to the 1.4.0 Firmware Reference Guide for more information.


More filters, more control, and new per-scene filters too.

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  • Streamlined filtering for quick and easy setup
  • Per-scene filters are ideal in any application where complex scene-to-scene recalls are required

Refer to the 1.4.0 Firmware Reference Guide for more information.



High resolution control of essential parameters

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  • NRPN control of Levels, Mutes, Panning and Assignments
  • Remote control of all Mutes and SoftKeys
  • Send and receive program/scene changes
  • Absolute and relative control

Refer to the SQ MIDI Protocol document for more information.


New add-ons available now

3 & 4-band Multiband Compressors
Dynamic EQ

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  • New RackFX add-ons available from shop.allen-heath.com
  • Use up to 8 instances of these dynamic power tools
  • Insert on input channels, groups, auxiliaries or the main mix

More info here: https://www.allen-heath.com/key-series/sq/sq-add-on-processing




  • Store and recall individual scenes and libraries to USB storage
  • Mono matrix option: switch between mono and stereo in the same way as all other mixes
  • Socket control from I/O screen: adjust gain, phantom power and pad settings directly from the I/O screen, even on sockets not assigned to input channels
  • New SoftKey and Soft Rotary options: Send MIDI note and program change messages, control the listen level for monitoring
  • ‘Screen follows surface’ option: Just tweak the dedicated controls to switch between processing screens
  • ‘Preamp on surface’ option: Prevent accidental gain adjustments by locking the preamp control to trim
  • Sockets on channel strips: See which sockets are patched to a channel with a couple of presses of the ‘View’ key
  • Touch and drag all on-screen lists for faster navigation
  • Copy/Paste/Reset scenes
  • Updated on-screen keyboard
  • Performance meter for SQ-Drive devices added
  • Improvements to networking and network setup
  • Support for the DX32 modular expander

SQ Firmware Release V1.4.3

V1.4.3 is a maintenance release for SQ mixers.

Please read the release notes, and the SQ firmware update instructions before installing.

NOTE: Users updating from V1.1.0 must use shop.allen-heath.com to get a free add-on key for the Tube Stage Preamp.

Free and Open Source Software Declaration
This product contains free and open source software. For licensing information please click here.

SQ-5 Firmware V1.4.3

Current Version

SQ-5 Firmware V1.4.3

Previous Version - Released August 2019

Previous Versions

SQ-5 Firmware V1.3.2

Previous Version - Released December 2018

SQ-5 Firmware V1.2.2

Previous Version - Released June 2018

SQ-6 Firmware V1.4.3

Current Version

SQ-6 Firmware V1.4.3

Previous Version - Released August 2019

Previous Versions

SQ-6 Firmware V1.3.2

Previous Version - Released December 2018

SQ-6 Firmware V1.2.2

Previous Version - Released June 2018

SQ-7 Firmware V1.4.3

Current Version

SQ-7 Firmware V1.4.3

Previous Version - Released August 2019

Previous Versions

SQ-7 Firmware V1.3.2

Previous Version - Released December 2018

SQ-7 Firmware V1.2.2

Previous Version - Released June 2018

SQ MixPad for Windows

SQ MixPad V1.4.3 for Windows

Supports Windows 10 (64bit only)

SQ MixPad for macOS

SQ MixPad V1.4.3 for Mac

Supports macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

SQ MixPad for iOS

SQ MixPad for Android

Get it on Google Play

Windows ASIOTM/WDM Driver

Please read the driver release notes before running the installer.

SQ Windows Driver V4.3.5.0

Previous Version - Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 8, Windows 10

ASIO is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH


SQ mixers are Core Audio compliant on macOS (no driver required) and support macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or higher.

DAW Control Driver

Allen & Heath DAW Control allows compatible Allen & Heath mixers to control DAW software on Mac OS or Windows and emulate popular HUI or Mackie Control protocols. For further information please see the DAW Control Help.

For the SQ mixer MIDI specification please refer to the SQ MIDI Protocol document.

About this release

V1.70 introduced support for HUI/MCU channel strip LCD naming for SQ as well as CC Translator maps for Qu, SQ & dLive.

DAW Control V1.71 for Windows

Current Version - Windows 10 - released July 2019

DAW Control V1.71 for Mac

Current Version - 10.14 (Mojave) - released July 2019

DAW Control V1.60 for Windows

Previous Version - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 - released July 2018

DAW Control V1.60 for Mac

Previous Version - Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra) - released July 2018

3rd Party Control

Allen & Heath mixing systems can be controlled over TCP/IP by 3rd party equipment.
Drivers for all industry-leading control systems are provided.

Click here to learn more.

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