Leading UK hire company, SSE, is providing iLive modular digital systems by Allen & Heath for two key tours taking place this summer by artists Paolo Nutini and Morrissey. 

Having visited the UK and Europe in the spring, Morrissey performed 4 nights at the Sydney Opera House, which will be followed by a comprehensive tour of the USA throughout June and July. Meanwhile Paolo Nutini will be playing various outdoor and festival dates across Europe this summer with a control package from Wigwam Acoustics.

“iLive has been out of tour with both of these artists a number of times, and SSE is delighted to be able to fulfil the tour requirements by continuing to provide the systems,” says Dan Bennett, Hire Project Manager at SSE. “iLive has proved to be a great success on the road, it’s easy to travel with, compact, quick to set up, and everyone is very pleased with the sonic quality.”

Selected by engineer, Tom Howat, the monitor system for Paolo Nutini’s tour comprises an iDR10 MixRack with iLive-112 Control Surface, with a PL10 controller for additional ‘per-song cues’, and an ME-1 for remote tech monitoring duties. iLive will be managing both FOH and monitors for the Morrissey tour. FOH engineer, David Millward, has opted for an iDR10 MixRack and iLive-80 Surface, whilst on monitors, engineered initially by Tom Howat with Will King taking over for the US leg, there will be an iDR10 with iLive-112 Surface. All engineers will be using PL10s for remote control and there will be 64 channels of Dante available for recording.

Morrissey_SOH_Howat Morrissey_SOH_Millward SSE_Howat“This will be the third time I’ve travelled around the globe with iLive. It's an exceptionally compact surface, which is great fun to mix on. I love the quality of sound, and the range of built-in effects have in my opinion the best reverbs I've heard on any console in any price range. I also particularly love the ability to drag ‘n drop any type of channel strip, inputs, outputs, DCAs, FX returns anywhere on the entire surface and even on a per scene basis without affecting audio or worrying about re-patching inputs. Bringing just the channels needed specifically for each song right to your fingertips means you can really concentrate on mixing and being creative. I enjoy it so much it is currently the only console on my audio specification!” says David Millward.