Team Profiles

Find out more about the kind of people that work at Allen & Heath

Joey Wang -
DSP Signal Processing Engineer


Hi, my name is Joey Wang and I am from Taiwan.

I graduated from music technology background in the UK and I've been working at Allen & Heath as a DSP design engineer for almost two years.

I was a live sound engineer and have always been very interested in the technology behind a digital desk. Allen & Heath provides me with the opportunity to explore what I have learnt in the university and step it up to actual products.

Allen & Heath not only provides me sponsorship to work here but also give me a lot of freedom to investigate DSP algorithms in depth, which is the reason I really enjoy working here.

I feel like I am going to stay in here for a long time, if not my whole career. I even bought a house in this beautiful, laid-back and warm place, Cornwall. The work-life balance here is fantastic and I have met a lot of great and brilliant people.

Alex Money -


Hi, I'm Alex Money, born and bred in Cornwall! I never wanted to stray too far from the sea and water sports, so I went to Bournemouth University and undertook a BS in Product Design. On returning to Cornwall with my degree, I interviewed with Allen & Heath in 2009 and the rest is history.

I started my career as a Product Designer, working to bring more aesthetic style to our product range.  My role has evolved over time and I now manage the mechanical and graphics team.  My day-to-day job includes the environmental testing of our products, project managing and 3D CAD design.

Coming across product design jobs in Cornwall at the time were few and far between but when I heard about Allen & Heath I knew that what they were doing was right for me.  If somebody had told me that I was going to be a Design Engineer at a world leading audio mixing company in Cornwall, I wouldn’t have believed them! I am lucky to have been involved in and managed a variety of challenging projects and am part of a great team.  There is never a dull moment!

Team work is everything here, so being sat with a group of talented people discussing projects feels really progressive. Likewise, getting to hang out during breaks, socialising after work and getting a group together to go surfing or wakeboarding is fun too.

I would recommend A&H as a place for engineers who are looking for a challenging environment and where they wish to develop their skills working on great products - all the while taking advantage of what Cornwall has to offer. It’s also a great place to bring up a family.