Allen & Heath’s iLive-T112, iLive-T80 and iLive-R72 mixing systems and a ME personal monitoring system, were selected for installation in the newly constructed GBI Gilgal PIK church in north Jakarta, Indonesia.


Kairos Multijaya was appointed to manage the audio, video and lighting installation. The 4000m2 four-storey building includes a main 1,000-seat sanctuary, a 400-capacity Youth Fellowship hall, as well as other rooms, catering facilities and outlets.

An iLive-T80 system was selected for the Youth Fellowship, whilst an iLive-T112 surface and iDR-64 MixRack system were installed in the main sanctuary, along with 5 ME-1 personal monitor mixers. A third iLive system, a rackmount iLive-R72, is available as part of a portable AV system for the other rooms.


"I never used a digital mixer before but once I tried iLive, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Since then I have fallen in love with iLive!" says sound engineer, Mr. Vian Pioh. "The best feature for me is the Mixpad app, which makes it easier for me to control stage monitoring. iLive is a really user friendly digital mixer, which must be tried."