Allen & Heath’s Indian distributor, Sun Infonet, has signed four of the country’s top DJ’s to endorse the leading Xone Series.

“Our new endorsers are all renowned DJs in India and respected for their technical competency and production talents. They have all chosen Xone products that complement their skills, from the award-winning Xone:DB4 digital FX mixer to the industry-standard Xone:92. We are pleased to have them on board to further demonstrate the fantastic design qualities of the Xone brand, which is internationally recognised as the best equipment for professional DJs,” comments Sun Infonet’s director, Neeraj Chandra.



DJs Madhav Shorey, "Kohra" (above left) is using the new Xone:DB4 digital mixer and Xone:K2 MIDI controllers, while Gaurav Malaker has adopted the Xone:4D hybrid mixer and controller, and Arjun Vagale (above right) is using the Xone:92. All DJs are also using the XD2-53 professional headphones.

Madhav Shorey comments: “The Xone:DB4 is a fantastic mixer and brings my live set up together. I use one channel for Ableton and the other three for analogue synths, an iPad, drumpad and the K2 controller, which is so simple to use and has an in-built soundcard so there’s more room in the booth. The mixer has a lot of features, so there’s always scope to delve deeper. I love the DB4’s filters and the plethora of FX, plus it is easy to navigate.”

Arjun Vagale comments: “In the last 5 years, India has grown into a big global player in the electronic music arena, with tons of good producers and home grown talent, plus the influx of international DJs performing across the country shows India is on the map. Most clubs where I have played in Europe have the Xone:92 or 62 in the booth, so I am familiar with the 92’s superior sound quality and features. I am really proud to be bringing Xone to this emerging music scene – the 92 is compact and cleanly laid out and the filters and LFO are fantastic.”