Dongguk Kim | G-Audio | South Korea

How did you get started in the industry?

When I was a teenager, I was very lucky to work with a sound team in a local Church and I loved music and played various musical instruments. For me, it was a turning point that started my audio career. After that, I studied sound engineering at university and then joined an SR company called “G-AUDIO” in South Korea.

What tours have you worked on?

My first tour was with “Standing Egg”, they’re one of the most popular indie bands in South Korea and have also worked with groups such as the Dureraum wind orchestra and Heritage.

I also do a lot of work at festivals such as BIFF (Busan International Film Festival), BMF (Beautiful Mint Life Festival), GMF (Grand Mint Festival) and SIOF (Suncheon bay International Orchestra Festival).

How did you first hear about Allen & Heath?

While I was at university, I actually studied with the Allen & Heath GL3800 and so I have a lot of experience with these mixers.

What’s your mixer of choice and why?

Our company purchased a dLive S5000 a year ago due to it's very flexible user interface, which allows for much easier and quicker work-flow. I also like the powerful scalability which can suit any system requirements, the additional on-board plug-ins and high-quality sound. dLive allows you to be more creative with your sound and that’s the reason why we chose it.

How do you see the future of live sound changing?

I think the design and size of the equipment will be getting simpler, smaller and wireless equipment and tech will become more and more popular. Technology will continue to evolve, but I feel that more emotional engineers will be needed - we will have to follow the technical parts as well as emotional parts!