Allen & Heath’s new dLive C Class systems have been purchased in Austria, by PA company, Event-Corp OG, and Christian movement, KISI.

Event-Corp OG invested in a C3500 Surface with CDM32 MixRack, adding to its dLive hire stock. The new surface debuted at the Crossover Concert, which was recently held at the MUTH in Vienna, featuring the renowned choral group, Spritbaum.


In total, there were 66 channels to manage from the band, orchestra, choir, grand piano and 8 vocalists. Event-Corp’s dLive S5000 Surface with DM48 MixRack and DX32 expander rack managed FOH, and the new C3500 Surface with CDM32 MixRack was at monitor position. The systems were connected via GigaACE, with Dante network cards fitted for multi-track recording.


“As one of the very first S Class dLive users, I am happy now to add the smaller, compact C Class solution without compromising on sound, power and all the other advantages of a dLive system,” says Richie Redl, owner of Event-Corp OG.

Meanwhile, the children and teens movement, KISI - God's singing kids, has taken its musical show, Ruth, to venues across Austria. The organisation decided to invest in a new C Class system, comprising a C3500 Surface with CDM32 MixRack. There are 54 radio mics in use, with 40 channels of playback from an Ableton Live set up, connected via Dante.


“I love the system! It is small for load in/out and smaller venues, sounds amazing, has all the traditional tools for professional mixing, and can also handle our trigger MIDI setup with more than 200 cues,” comments engineer, Johannes Minichmayr. “We are making use of the new 5.1 Surround Sound Mode, and new FX.”