Pacific Simulators, a flight simulator design and manufacturing company based in Christchurch, New Zealand, has adopted Allen & Heath’s compact ZED-10 and ZED-14 analogue mixers as standard in its products.

As part of the company’s ongoing research and development, it recently underwent an audio design upgrade, which included the Allen and Heath mixers.

The company’s training simulators, certified as official flight crew training machines in many countries, use the ZED-14 mixers, where 2 auxiliary sends are required to facilitate authentic flight crew training. Meanwhile ZED-10 mixers are now installed in the commercial ‘Flight Experience’ simulators, available from the company’s global store network, which aim to provide a realistic experience of flying a passenger jet.


“Prior to working at Pacific Simulators, I was a sound and recording engineer for 30+ years, and my first suggestion when I joined the company was that we include A&H mixers as the foundation of our audio upgrade,” explains Andy Gilmour, simulator assembly technician. “The results with the ZEDs have been amazing. The mic preamps deliver a full and realistic sound, and the result is a passenger jet simulator that sounds like the ‘real McCoy’ while allowing us full control of sounds such as aircraft operating and warning systems and Air Traffic Control commands. The sweepable mid-range controls allow us to engineer a sound experience that is far and beyond what we have had in the past. The ZED range is extremely affordable and without a doubt the best value for money we have come across.”

Pacific Simulators are currently building training flight simulators for China, Indonesia and USA, with orders pending for Australia and Thailand.