EtherSound is a popular low latency industry networking standard supporting 64 channels of bi-directional audio over CAT5 cable.  A growing number of third party ES equipped devices are becoming available for remote audio distribution, PC recording, speaker controllers, amplifiers and more.  A single cable transports audio in both directions.  The second socket allows further networking beyond the iLive, dLive or GLD.  Note that ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ refer to the direction of the audio master, not direction of audio.  A control port provides access to the routing configuration within EtherSound and opens up many more networking possibilities.


The older EtherSound AVD card fitted to the original RAB module can be re-used in the newer RAB2 module using a card frame adapter available from Allen & Heath.

M-ES-V2 is one of a range of digital audio networking options available for iLive and GLD to enable integration with other systems, digital mic splitting and system expansion. It can be fitted to the Port B expansion slot in iLive fixed format MixRacks (iDR-16, iDR-32, iDR-48, iDR-64) or expander (xDR-16), Port A/B in iLive modular MixRacks (iDR0, iDR10) and Port A of iLive modular surfaces if they are fitted with the new RAB-2 standard. It can also be fitted to the I/O Module expansion slot in a GLD mixer, or to any I/O Port on a dLive system when equipped with a M-DL-ADAPT interface.


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Allen & Heath PDF
iLive ES2 EtherSound Option Instructions

iLive ES2 EtherSound Option Instructions