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128 Channel / 64 Bus Digital Mixers

Our flagship digital mixing platform is designed for the most challenging and prestigious live sound environments.

Design for Live

dLive is Allen & Heath’s flagship digital mixing platform, designed for demanding touring, corporate AV, houses of worship, broadcast, and install applications.


High Power. Low Latency

Built around our 96kHz XCVI processing core, all dLive systems feature 128 input channels, 64 mix outputs, a configurable 64-bus architecture, our acclaimed DEEP Processing, and class-leading 0.7ms latency from analogue in to analogue out.

Bus processing latency is automatically compensated for to deliver phase coherency on mix outputs, providing clear and accurate summing, without any increase to the super-low system latency.

Modular System Design

Unrivalled Flexibility

dLive’s modular mix-and-match approach to system design enables you to build the perfect system for your application with all the control and I/O you need, from high input count multi-surface setups to ultra-compact surfaceless setups, with minimal configuration and setup time.

And moving between different dLive systems isn’t a chore, show files can be easily transferred between dLive systems without time-consuming show file conversion or reconstruction.

Advanced Routing

Supermassive I/O

The XCVI core’s parallel mixing engines enables over 800 system inputs and outputs, which can be achieved via our exhaustive range of I/O and digital networking options, to feed the 128 input processing channels and 64 mix outputs.

The powerful tie-line feature can be used to directly patch system inputs to outputs, with the MixRack automatically handling sample rate and format conversion, for clean splits and feeds to other systems, all without consuming any input channels or processing power.

DEEP Processing

Studio Classics And Live Favourites On Every Channel

Trusted by platinum-selling artists on stadium tours, DEEP puts incredible emulations of legendary hardware directly within dLive’s input and mix channels with zero latency. No burning FX slots, no 3rd party gear hassles and no issues with latency or phase coherency.

From much loved studio compressors to game-changing live source expanders, DEEP gives you all the tools you need inside the MixRack.

Dyn8 Engine

Dynamic EQ. Multiband Compression. And Lots Of It

Every dLive system includes 64 Dyn8 engines, comprising 4 bands of multiband compression and 4 bands of dynamic EQ, which can be used to tame unruly vocals, add cohesion to IEM mixes and tighten up any source or bus.

Dyn8 can be used on any combination of 64 input or mix channels in a dLive system.

RackUltra FX

Cutting Edge technology. Next-generation effects

The RackUltra FX collection, powered by the new RackUltra FX card, brings together a collection of 10 new algorithms that rival the most advanced plug-ins on the market.

Integrated Tools

Work Smarter

dLive includes numerous tools to make the setting up and running of a show as quick and easy as possible for the engineer.

From our next-generation 61-band RTA to Shure and Sennheiser RF integration, A/B/C/D inputs and Talkback Groups to Virtual Soundcheck, dLive allows you to spend more time working on the mix and less time worrying about the technology.

Scene System

Do More With Scenes

dLive’s extensive scene management system packs a host of powerful features including highly granular recall filters and global safes, absolute and relative parameter updates across multiple scenes with auto-tracking option, cue-lists for simplified handling of set lists and cues, plus a scene import function for visiting engineers.


Multiple Control Options

dLive Director

Offline Editing. Online Control

dLive Director is a multi-platform editor and control software for dLive, enabling engineers to configure the system offline before the show, check and edit Show files from guest engineers, and control the mix live using a laptop or compatible tablet.

Designed for Mac and Windows OS (including Surface Pro), dLive Director offers the same experience across different devices, and replicates every aspect of the Surface GUI for complete control of a dLive system.

dLive MixPad

Remote Mixing

MixPad provides mobile control for dLive digital mixing systems, giving you the freedom to walk the room or stage and control the sound right from where it’s needed.

dLive MixPad and the dLive Surface can work together to provide simultaneous control of independent functions, for example one engineer using the Surface to mix front-of-house sound, and another using the iPad to mix monitors on stage.

Download on the App Store

dLive OneMix

Personal Monitoring

OneMix is a personal mixing app for dLive, allowing performers to take control of their own monitor mixes.

dLive OneMix can be configured to provide as much or as little control as needed, and multiple iPads running OneMix may be connected to give each musician control of their monitor mix without the risk of affecting the other monitors or front of house mix.

Download on the App Store

IP Controllers

Modular Control Options

dLive is compatible with our range of networkable, PoE compatible remote controllers which can be programmed via the dLive Surface or Director software, and configured to control any aspect of the system.

IP Controllers can be used in conjunction with a dLive Surface for additional control, or in a surfaceless system as the main source of tactile control.

Custom Control

Customisable Software Control

Custom Control is a customisable, cross-platform control app, providing elegant, bespoke control over dLive, Avantis and AHM systems.

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