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dLive MixRacks

The Heart of Every dLive System

At the heart of every dLive system is the MixRack, capable of 128×64 channels of pristine sounding 96kHz audio.

All dLive MixRacks feature the same mix engine – 128 input channels and 64 mix outputs with a configurable 64-bus architecture, class-leading 0.7ms latency and phase-aligned signal paths for maximum flexibility in all applications – but differ in the number of onboard analogue I/O, redundancy options and digital I/O card slots.

S Class MixRacks


64 mic/line inputs
32 line outputs
3 I/O Ports
Redundant Surface Link
Redundant DX Links
Redundant PSU (optional)


48 mic/line inputs
24 line outputs
3 I/O Ports
Redundant Surface Link
Redundant DX Links
Redundant PSU (optional)


32 mic/line inputs
16 line outputs
3 I/O Ports
Redundant Surface Link
Redundant DX Links
Redundant PSU (optional)


0 mic/line inputs
0 line outputs
3 I/O Ports
Redundant Surface Link
Redundant DX Links
Redundant PSU

C Class MixRacks

Class-Leading Audio

Sound quality is at the core of dLive, and it all starts with the MixRack.

Our acclaimed preamp design, optimised for transparency and clarity, combined with our unique Active PAD circuit for consistent performance regardless of source, delivers the highest quality analogue signal to the MixRack’s XCVI processing core.

In the digital domain, the 96kHz signal path employs variable bit depth throughout for optimal noise performance and precision with virtually infinite dynamic range thanks to the 96-bit accumulator.

Everything I/O

Scale Up Your System

Additional analogue I/O can be easily added to a dLive system via our comprehensive range of 96kHz I/O expanders with multiple form factors provided to meet the demands of any application.

All dLive MixRacks include 2 DX ports, both capable of 32×32 channels of I/O expansion, with the ability to add more I/O via optional gigaACE or DX Link cards. Setup and configuration is quick and easy with plug-and-play connectivity and an ultra-low transport latency (8 samples)


Surfaceless Mixing

One or more dLive Surfaces can be connected to a dLive MixRack for the hands-on control. However, if space is an issue, it is possible to run a dLive system with no Surface connected thanks to a range of control options.

The free dLive Director software delivers all the software functionality of a dLive Surface to your PC or Mac laptop, the dLive MixPad app for iPad provides all the controls needed to mix anywhere in the venue, and our small-format IP Controllers offer compact fader or rotary control of the MixRack.


XCVI 160×64 FPGA core

  • 96kHz sample rate
  • Variable bit-depth for ultimate precision and noise performance
  • Virtually infinite mix headroom thanks to 96bit accumulator
  • Class-leading, ultra-low latency < 0.7ms

128 Input Channels with full processing

64 Mix Outputs with full processing

Configurable 64-bus architecture (group, FX, aux, matrix, mains)

  • LR, LCR and up to 5.1 mains mode
  • Multiple PFLs

16 RackExtra FX with dedicated stereo returns

24 DCAs

AMM (Automatic Mic Mixer) up to 64 channels across 1, 2 or 4 zones

Built-in signal generator and RTA

New preamp design for extra transparency

Unique Active PAD circuit for consistent performance with any source

Reversible rack ears design

Flush front panel with ultra-quiet fan

Downloads and Documents

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