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dLive Surfaces

Take Control of the MixRack

With seven dLive Surfaces available, from the airline-friendly CTi1500 to the 36-fader S7000, there’s a Surface for every application.

A dLive Surface is the most popular way to control a dLive MixRack. With seven models available, from the airline-friendly CTi1500 to the 36-fader S7000, there’s a Surface for every application.

S Class Surfaces

C Class Surfaces


2x 12″ Touchscreens
24 Faders
19 Assignable SoftKeys
6 Assignable Rotaries


12″ Touchscreen
20 Faders
19 Assignable SoftKeys
6 Assignable Rotaries


12″ Touchscreen
12 Faders
19 Assignable SoftKeys
19″ Rack Mountable


12″ touchscreen
12 faders
19 Assignable SoftKeys
Titanium side panels
Lightweight alloy metalwork
11.5kg / 25.4lbs

Flexible Surface Configuration

Speed Up Your Workflow

With a fully customisable layout that allows you to build an interface that reflects your workflow and mixing style, dLive lets you focus on the mix, not the mixer.

Every input or mix can be assigned to any and every fader bank and/or layer, virtual scribble strips allow inputs and mixes to be clearly named and colour coded for at-a-glance navigation, and a wealth of assignable SoftKeys and 3 pages of 6 assignable rotaries per screen.

Bespoke ‘widget’ areas can also be set up on the touchscreens to keep track of scenes, meters, RTA, FX and other custom controls.

dLive CTi1500

Compact Touring. Re-engineered & Ready for Takeoff.

Since its launch, C1500 has become a firm favourite in compact touring, particularly where size and weight need to be carefully balanced against audio requirements.

CTi1500 takes this no-compromise compact concept even further. On the outside, the side trims have been replaced by Titanium panels, lightweight, super-strong and a first in touring mixer design. The rear and base panels have also been re-engineered to cut the weight but retain strength. Internally the weight loss continues, with new alloy metalwork throughout. The front panel remains largely the same as a C1500, providing the familiar dLive feel, but redesigned to replace the armrest with sleek steel curves.

Loaded with an I/O card of your choice, and snugly wrapped in its dust cover, CTi1500 can fly under 23kg / 50lbs in a custom flight case.

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