The GS-R24 FireWire / ADAT 32 x 32 channel interface module enables easy integration with your DAW of choice. The interface can run in FireWire only mode, ADAT only mode or a mix of FireWire and ADAT. It can be switched in and out of different points in the channel path allowing for different workflows from dry multi-tracking to mixdown, dubbing, processing effects or even using the GS-R24 circuitry as analogue plug-ins in your DAW.



  • 2 x standard IEEE 1394 6 pin FireWire ports (allows daisy-chaining of a ZED-R16 mixer)
  • Word Clock input and output BNC connectors
  • 4 x ADAT Input and 4x ADAT Output ports
  • Standard 5 pin DIN MIDI Input and Output connectors – MIDI data is also incorporated on the FireWire bus for convenience
  • State of the art, 24 bit 96kHz AD and DA converters
  • 114dB ADC dynamic range (A Weighted)
  • 118dB DAC dynamic range (A Weighted)
  • ASIOTM / Core Audio Allen&Heath FireWire driver and Control Panel for configuration and diagnostics
  • Includes 6 pin to 6 pin and 6 pin to 4 pin FireWire cables

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