The GL4800 can easily meet any live mixing requirement. A host of recessed mode switches quickly configure the console for FOH, monitor or monitors from FOH, with additional multitrack and stereo recording capability. As a monitor console, you get up to 16 mixes for wedges, IEM and side fills using the 10 auxes, 4 matrix and LR. No professional monitor console is complete without an engineer’s wedge output. The GL4800 provides this by switching AFL/PFL to the M fader, giving familiar control in the right place and with XLR drive.

Recording a live show can be particularly challenging, but the GL4800 has many options to make this job easier. You can use the direct output with pre/post selection and level trim from each channel for multitracking. The unique pre/post selectable group output trim facility allows grouped signals to be fed pre the master fader so that changes to the mix do not affect the record levels, particularly useful when trying to record and mix noisy backlines. The 4 matrix and additional pre/post selectable LR2 outputs can also be used to feed the recording.

The flexibility and benefits of a matrix cannot be under estimated in today’s console applications. The GL4800 excels with 4 matrix outputs, with a useful mode to allow an insert and balanced XLR output to be swapped from an aux if processing and long cable drive are needed. The matrix mix can even be added to an aux mix if required, ideal for providing quick monitor mixes from groups or LRM while lifting key inputs using channel sends, or for adding effects to grouped signals.

Automation: A built-in processor manages the onboard mute system. 8 Quick select buttons can be programmed as mute groups or instant recall scenes. 128 memories can store snapshots of the channel and master mutes for scene recall, with MIDI port to interface with show control or archiving systems, and preview and safes functions to keep you in control. The processor also lets you quickly set or clear all mutes with a single button press.

Engineer’s Toolbox: In true Swiss Army Knife fashion, there is an abundance of tools to help deal with every situation. The GL4800 master section is bristling with recessed mode switches to help get the most from the console in any application. A comprehensive monitoring system is provided with stereo PFL, PFL trim, AFL, LED meters on every channel and mix bus, additional VU output meters, local and headphone outputs, and Solo-in-Place which lets you listen to the contribution of one or more channels in the mix, complete with toggle last and safes functions. Talkback allows independent communication to pre-selected outputs. A dedicated 2-track input is available for background music playback. The stereo channels feature our innovative 4-point width control which lets you narrow, reverse, mono or enhance your stereo image. You can also work with stereo microphones by cross-patching between channels, to use dedicated stereo coincident X-Y, spaced or M-S techniques. And just to complete the functionality of the main outputs, LR blend to Mono controls are provided to create a quick centre fill mix.




  • 24 channel frame
  • A version (all mono channels)
  • Multi-functionality for FOH/Monitor mixing and live recording
  • LR and M main mix
  • 8 Audio groups with pan and routing to LR and M
  • 11×4 Matrix
  • 10 Auxiliary sends with faders, inserts and XLR
  • Aux 10 can provide channel direct output pre/post and level trim
  • Group out pre/post switching and level trim for recording
  • Per channel pre/post fader aux switching for unlimited flexibility
  • Second LR2 output with pre/post fader selection and level trim
  • Output reverse mode to swap aux inserts and XLR with matrix and LR2
  • 2-track replay to LR and monitor
  • Stereo channel line inputs can be assigned independently to LR
  • 4 band, 4 sweep EQ with switched Q on midrange
  • Swept 20-400Hz high pass filters
  • Matrix to aux link for quick monitors and grouped effects
  • 128 snapshot memory mute automation with preview and safes functions
  • 8 Mute groups or scenes
  • Solo-in-Place with toggle last and safes
  • Single press clear or set all mutes function
  • Mutes on all fader masters
  • Meters on all buses to prevent mix overload
  • Simultaneous metering of the groups, LRM and auxes
  • Integral LED-illuminated moving coil VU meterpod
  • Simultaneous LED bar and VU monitor metering
  • Mono/stereo PFL with trim
  • PFL override AFL for logical input/output monitoring
  • Engineers wedge fader control in monitor mode
  • Separate headphones and local outputs
  • Talkback to LR, M, groups, matrix, and to each aux
  • Electronically balanced XLR outputs with +27dBu drive capability
  • Preamp +34dBu maximum input capability for mic or line
  • Ultra low noise mix head amp design
  • Balanced inserts with separate send and return sockets
  • 100mm, premium grade dual rail faders
  • Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots and switches
  • Individual circuit card assembly with nutted pots
  • Built-in combiner for redundant backup power supply
  • Sys-Link V2 console input linking option