GS1 is an extremely compact 8 buss recording console, designed for use in project studios. The mixer has 16 mono input strips (8 mic/line, 8 tape return/line) and 8 stereo channels.



GS1 main image


  • Formats: The GS1 was available in a single 32:8:2 format. A meterbridge and an expander module were offered as options – these items are no longer available
  • 8 Audio groups. Assigned from paired routing buttons and pan from channels. Groups outs on unbalanced RCA phono connectors
  • 5 Auxiliaries. Each channel has access to post fade aux sends 2&3 or 4&5. Aux 1 can be globally switched pre/post fade
  • 3 band EQ with separate controls for sweep and cut/boost on mid band
  • Tape returns. Level and pan controls send the tape or line input direct to the LR buss
  • Mixdown switch – flips input signal from tape return to channel path
  •  MIDI mutes.
  •  MIDI machine control (MMC). Function keys allow instant access to tape transport control and patch recall facility for storing mute snapshots. Learn facility allows simple capture of MIDI commands
  • 8 segement LED meters on LR, with hi/lo switching to calibrate to input and output operating levels. Optional meterbridge also includes meters for group input and output
  • PSU. External linear power supply



Allen & Heath + macOS Mojave

In anticipation of the launch of Apple’s latest update to macOS, Mojave, please note the following:

The correct operation of the full, public release of this platform is not yet verified by our development and test departments.
As a result, support for macOS Mojave is not currently offered for this product.

Full software testing and verification will commence following the official launch by Apple. As our test programmes are completed we will update this notice.