iDR-4 and iDR-8 are 16 x 16 matrix mixers with an extensive array of audio management tools designed to reduce the need for additional devices for an installation, or carried in the hire inventory. Allen & Heath preamps, 24bit converters and fixed DSP architecture ensure that concert-quality low-latency sound is delivered efficiently to where it is needed.


  • iDR DSP system
  • 16 processing channels (inputs and outputs)
  • 8 analogue mic/line inputs on XLR with 48V phantom power
  • 8 analogue line outputs on XLR
  • iDR-8ST version also available, with XLRs replaced by Euroblock (Phoenix) connectors
  • 2 line inputs on TRS jack
  • 2 line outputs on TRS jack
  • Digital audio expansion ports (8 channels in, 8 channels out)
  • Hot Plug‘n’Play PL Series remote controllers
  • High Quality Audio Signal Path and DSP processing
  • Headphone monitor with mouse and ripple-through capability
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru connections


iDR-8 Documents

Download brochures, user guides and other documents for this product.

Allen & Heath PDF
Sound Management Brochure

Includes GR and iDR series

Allen & Heath PDF
Custom Serial String

The iDR can send a user defined serial command when a preset is recalled. An example would be to trigger a video switcher when the iDR routes audio (audio switching).

Allen & Heath PDF

A microphone connected to an i/p has its level reduced to 0 automatically until a switch is pressed.The switch opens the mic channel which is routed to the required zone(s).

Allen & Heath PDF
Phantom Power

Phantom power needs to be selected in the power up configuration in order to avoid pops and clicks being transmitted to the loudspeakers.

Allen & Heath PDF
PL Calculator

The PL Calculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that calculates the viability of a PL network.

Allen & Heath PDF
PL- level control of a remote iDR

It is possible to use a PL device on a local iDR unit to control level and preset recall on a remote iDR unit.

Allen & Heath PDF
The PL-Anet System

Plug in remote control – connects direct to iDR via CAT5


Allen & Heath + macOS Catalina

The correct operation of this product with macOS Catalina is not yet verified by our development and test departments. As a result, macOS Catalina is not currently supported.

As our test programmes are completed we will update this notice.

iDR Series Software


iDR System Manager is a software interface allowing for control and management of iDR units. System Manager enables the operator to Adjust, Set, Store and Recall settings in the iDR Unit(s). A complete system can be designed and realised allowing useful functions such as password protection, offline editing, multiple unit interconnection and function pairing and recalls.


Current Release  – iDR System Manager v3.73 Maintenance Release

Updates in this release include:

1. Mic-Pre settings not stored in current settings after preset recall – Fixed.
2. PL Chain reset time set back to 1 second.
3. Fixed ‘cannot create orphaned object-PL-11’ bug.
4. Fixed Telnet command strings recognition issue.