Qu-You allows up to seven performers to control their monitor mixes using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or Android device, and frees up the engineer to focus on the audience.

The main Four Wheel Drive view presents all the key controls in a super easy format, with chunky thumbwheels to control 4 groups of sources, plus a master mute and output level control. Unlike some apps on the market, Qu-You shows all controls in either orientations (anyone who has ever tried to rotate an iPhone and play a guitar at the same time will know why this matters!).

Double tapping on a group thumbwheel gives access to individual channel metering, send levels and stereo pan. Groups can be named for instant recognition and channels can be assigned to groups via simple checkboxes, allowing the user to quickly create their perfect custom mix.


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Qu-You Personal Monitoring App with Lightknife.




  • iOS App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
  • Android App (4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ or higher)
  • Compatible with all Qu series mixers
  • Choose the monitor mix (Qu Mix 1-10)
  • Assign which sources to control (Channels, FX returns, Groups)
  • View channel numbers, names and meters
  • Assign up to 4 groups of sources to level control wheels
  • Create a ‘Me’ group for quick control of your own channels
  • Custom name each group
  • Control the mix master level and mute, PEQ, GEQ and compressor
  • Control the mix send levels and pan