With its dual function front-of-house and monitor mixing modes and 19″ rackmount capability, WZ14:4:2+ certainly meets that brief, but it’s also won the trust of many churches, theatres, bands, film and location recording professionals and others who needed a small, high quality and incredibly flexible mixer.




  • Dual functionality. GRP/Aux mode switches reverse aux master section with the group and LR faders, giving up to 6 monitor sends with inserts on 100mm faders. Another under panel switch converts the Mono control and XLR out to an engineer’s listen wedge output
  • 10 mic/line inputs with -30dB pad, gain, 4 band EQ with sweepable mids and 100Hz high pass filter, 6 aux sends, pan, channel on switching, peak led, PFL and 100mm fader. Globally selectable +48V phantom power
  • 2 dual stereo inputs with independent gain on A and B sources, 4 band fixed EQ, 6 aux sends, balance, channel on switching, peak led, PFL and 100mm fader
  • 4 groups, assigned from paired routing buttons and pan from channel. Groups access LR busses via a pan control. Groups have XLR outputs, 3 colour meters and inserts in GRP mode
  • 6 aux sends, pre/post fade in blocks: 1-4, 5-6. Aux masters are rotary controls with AFL and can feed XLR outputs with inserts when the GRP/Aux reverse switches are pressed
  • 4 band EQ on mic/line inputs with separate controls for sweep and cut/boost on mid bands.
  • 4 stereo returns with routing to auxes and L-R (ST1 has routing to aux1, ST2 to aux2 etc)
  • 12 segment, 3 colour led metering for L-R and PFL. 4 segment, 3 colour led metering on GRP/Aux. Peak leds on all channels
  • 2 track send and return
  • PSU. Internal linear power supply
  • Larger channel ON buttons with leds to indicate status
  • Auto-voltage sensing power supply to avoid rewiring or resetting the voltage when travelling overseas
  • Metal TRS jack sockets on the rear panel instead of plastic
  • Oscillator and pink noise generator for line-up