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BIC Kaiserslautern Modernises Conference Centre with AHM-64 and DX168

As a technology and start-up centre, the Business + Innovation Centre (BIC) Kaiserslautern GmbH offers consultations and office space for start-ups and young companies. Additionally, a wide range of workshops, seminars and training courses are held in the in-house conference centre, comprising several combinable rooms, for both tenants and external clients.


AHM64The newly installed AHM-64 at BIC Kaiserslautern GmbH handles all audio processing and routing, and integrates with the venue’s existing Crestron control panels.


With the existing audio infrastructure beginning to show its age, BIC were keen to modernise the system with ease-of-use for non-technical staff the key requirement. “The whole thing should be operable with very little to no technical background,” explain installers Martin Smarsly from VS Medientechnik GmbH, who was assisted on the install by freelancer Jens Ullmert. “For most events, no event technician should be necessary.”


With the requirement for eight wireless microphones, plus laptop audio output, to be routed to any combination of rooms, the VS Medientechnik GmbH team opted for an Allen & Heath AHM-64 audio matrix processor to handle audio routing and processing duties. An Allen & Heath DX168 expander was also specified, providing portable I/O expansion to meet more complex requirements in the future.


DX168The rackmountable DX168 adds additional analogue I/O to the system at BIC Kaiserslautern GmbH


The conference facilities already benefited from Crestron control panels used in the previous install, and the AHM-64’s flexible control options allowed these to be re-used within the new install. “We integrated the AHM-64 into the Crestron control system using the AHM’s TCP/IP protocol” adds Martin Smarsly. “Since we installed the system, a dedicated Crestron driver has also become available which we can use for future installs”.


The most challenging aspect of the installation turned out to be the lack of documentation on the existing cabling in the building. “We had to re-crimp the screw terminals of the old system, that took us a whole day,” laughs Smarsly. “Installing and setting up the AHM64 was the smoothest part of the installation. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy and intuitive the AHM64 is to programme.”

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