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ZEDi-8 and ZEDi-10

You’re passionate about your subject, we’re passionate about audio, so while you take care of the content – we’ll take care of making it sound great.

The ZEDi-8 and ZEDi-10 mixer-interfaces provide all the tools you need to record your podcast to a professional standard, and they’re simple enough for beginners to start using within minutes.

Key features for Podcasters:

  • Compatible with PC, Mac and iOS devices*
  • Broadcast quality 24-bit/96kHz USB interface
  • Compact and portable
  • Low-noise microphone preamps with phantom power
  • High-Pass Filter (HPF) to remove rumble and vibrations
  • Zero-latency monitoring – no echo in your headphones
  • ZEDi-10: Use VoIP software for remote presenters and guests
  • ZEDi-10: Mix-Minus capability for remote guests
  • Compatible with video software for streaming, vlogs and video podcasts
  • Professional software included:
    • Cubase LE (Win/Mac)
    • Cubasis LE (iPad)


*requires iOS camera kit (available separately)

Unleash Your Microphone’s Potential

You’ve chosen your microphone. ZEDi will get the best out of it.

The ZEDi’s GSPre preamp offers up to 60dB of gain, whilst maintaining exceptional low-noise performance, so you can be sure that you’re getting optimal performance from your dynamic microphone.

If you’re using a condenser microphone, ZEDi provides +48V phantom power on all microphone input channels, so there’s no need to remember to carry batteries or a dedicated phantom power supply.

Filter Out the Noise

Rumble and pops can ruin an otherwise perfect recording.

You can use a pop-shield to protect your microphone from plosives, but they won’t cut out low-frequency vibrations: traffic rumble in the background; microphone handling noise; or vibrations travelling through the microphone stand and into the microphone body.

ZEDi features a lo-cut filter on every mono input channel with a cut-off frequency of 100Hz, ideal for removing distracting low-frequency noise without altering the sound of your voice. It’s one less thing to worry about in post-production.

Broadcast Quality

The ZEDi range features a broadcast-quality 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface for hassle-free recording and playback.

You can connect to a Mac or PC and start recording within minutes.

You can also connect a ZEDi to an iOS device, using the iOS camera kit, for convenient recording on the move.

Big Sound. Small Size

Whether you’re recording your podcast at home or on the move, you don’t want mountains of heavy equipment taking up space in your studio or luggage.

The ZEDi range was designed from the ground up to be both compact and portable – light enough to carry in your bag, and small enough to be stored on a bookshelf.

Add the touring-grade build quality that we are famous for and you have a podcast mixer that will deliver the goods, no matter where you are.

Zero-Latency Monitoring

When you’re recording your podcast, you want to hear your voice in your headphones in real-time.

Many interfaces and USB microphones suffer from latency as the signal changes between analogue and digital, and this can result in a distracting “echo” on your voice in your headphones.

ZEDi functions like professional broadcast mixers used in radio stations, routing the signal to your headphones in real time – with zero-latency in your headphone mix – leaving you to focus on your delivery, and not the echo in the your headphones.

Remote Presenters & Guests

With its 4×4 USB interface, the ZEDi-10 is perfect for use with VoIP platforms like Skype, opening up your podcast to presenters and guests dialing in remotely, wherever they are in the world.

Switchable routing enables you to record your VoIP guests alongside your studio guests, even if you’ve got three other people in the studio with you:

Record 1-2 microphones + VoIP on separate channels
Record 3-4 microphones + VoIP as a stereo mix

Your remote guest should feel like they are in the studio with you, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Create a Mix-Minus feed for your remote guest so they can hear you, and another studio guest, without hearing their own voice echo back down the line.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes you just need to keep things simple, especially if you’re podcasting on the move or you don’t have much time on your hands.

To minimise post-production time, you can record a stereo mix from the ZEDi with microphone levels set on the mixer itself.

The ZEDi’s EQ can be used to optimise each guest’s voice, meaning less time spent editing – and more time to think about your next episode.

Recording & Editing Software Included

You don’t need to search around for software to get started, it’s all in the box.

Every ZEDi mixer ships with a Steinberg Cubase LE™ license for PC and Mac.

Cubase LE™ is the perfect platform for recording and editing your podcast from start to finish, with all the processing tools you need to deliver a professional sounding podcast to your listeners. Read more about Cubase LE here.

Cubasis LE™ is also included for use with iOS devices, ideal for podcasting on the move. Read more about Cubasis LE™ here.

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