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Sports & Entertainment

Combining flexibility, reliability and ease of use, Allen & Heath mixers are depended on to handle the audio requirements of theme parks, museums, stadiums and cruise ships all over the world.

Everything I/O

Scalable Audio

In addition to AHM coming in three different flavors to suit the size of your venue, Allen & Heath’s Everything I/O Ecosystem helps to support whatever I/O configuration you require. Take advantage of the space that’s available and make it easy to include audio sources of all kinds wherever you venue calls for it.

User Friendly

Simplified Control

Allen & Heath’s matrix mixer, AHM, along with its flagship dLive and Avantis consoles, grants access to customizable control to suit the needs of staff.

Press boxes, locker rooms, scoreboards, play areas and more can all benefit from simple control of an otherwise complex A/V system. With less training required for staff to use the system, they can focus on the game, the event, the broadcast, or the customers.

Whether they prefer tactile rotaries with custom scribble strips, motorized faders with programmable buttons, or touchscreens built to seamlessly blend in with the environment, Allen & Heath has got it covered.

Next Gen Technology

Powerful Sound & Processing

Preamps and processing found on some of the largest tours of the world comes to installed sound by way of Allen & Heath’s AHM. Clarity, low noise, and high speech intelligibility are par for the course with Allen & Heath’s signature 96kHz FPGA processor.

Whether you’re blasting the team’s fight song, giving the opening speech at graduation, or bringing in the DJ’s kit, AHM can help supply the power and clarity sought after in every sound system.

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