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Live show design and production specialists Hög deployed a remarkable 16 dLive Systems across Finland during the bustling 2023 festival season.

Helsinki-based Hög specialises in live show design and production, and during the bustling 2023 summer festival season they deployed a remarkable total of 16 dLive Systems across Finland. 

dLive is Allen & Heath’s flagship 128-channel digital mixing platform, and the 16 systems provided by Hög throughout this summer were used for a broad range of live performances, from opening acts to international headliners. Notable Finnish clients during the seasons included pop rock band Haloo Helsinki!, pop singer ABREU, singer and songwriter Behm, and pop band KUUMAA. 

“I rely on dLive for its exceptional audio quality, and what truly sets it apart is the consistency it brings. With any dLive system, I can ensure that every Haloo Helsinki! show sounds the same.” remarked Front-of-House Engineer Perttu Korteniemi. 

“Sonic brilliance, flexibility, and rock-solid reliability – that’s dLive. And as FOH Engineer for KUUMAA, it’s my secret to crafting unforgettable Shows” adds Eetu Seppälä. 

Many international acts were also mixed on dLive systems while visiting Finland over the festival season, with Hög providing audio control packages for artists including Johnny Marr, Nothing But Thieves, Clutch, Electric Callboy, and Bullet For My Valentine. 

The dLive range offers a flexible variety of Surfaces and MixRacks, all interchangeable with no need for showfile conversion, as well as plentiful I/O options from stageboxes like the DX168 through to the IEM-focused DX012, and a variety of rigs were deployed in Finland this summer making the most of dLive’s mix-and-match approach to system building. 

“dLive offers the complete package: an intuitive workflow, outstanding sound quality, efficient automation through scenes, and a versatile product family to meet the needs of every production,” said Miika Köykkä, who handled the monitor mix for Finnish rapper ibe’s exclusive summer performance on a dLive 5000 Surface. “It’s my mixing system of choice to ensure every show runs smoothly.” 

Image credit: Ville Huuri

Throughout the summer season, Hög provided five S class Surfaces, four of which were dLive S5000s – medium-sized control Surfaces for the dLive MixRack featuring 28 faders over 6 layers, dual 12″ capacitive touchscreens and Allen & Heath’s innovative Harmony UI. Eleven C Class Surfaces offering a smaller footprint were also provided, comprising five C3500s, a C2500, and five C1500s. A variety of MixRacks were also used, comprising six CDM32s, a CDM48, two DM0s, three DM32s, two DM48s and two DM64s. 

For Finnish electropop artist Sanni, the FOH mix for her live performance was handled on a dLive S3000 Surface, while monitors were handled on an S5000 Surface. 

“I chose dLive because of its exceptional sound quality and intuitive feel – it’s the best tool to make her music shine.” Explained Matti Kemppainen, FOH Engineer for SANNI.

Image credit: @riiagrasshill

“Compared to its competitors, dLive offers a streamlined experience without the need for an external screen, mouse, or keyboard.” Added Sanni’s Monitor Engineer, Pirkka Thessler. “The flexibility of DCA/MCA Groups is a game-changer, and with 64 onboard Dyn8 multiband processors, it’s simply an amazing tool!”

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