16T Compressor Limiter

Available to buy for SQ-5 SQ-6 SQ-7

Available as part of Compressor Pack I

Industry standard. Inspired by the workhorse live sound compressor.

Industry standard. Inspired by the workhorse live sound compressor.

Taking its sonic cues from the industry standard compressor limiter found in every live and studio rack, 16T produces tight, punchy compression with a character that is immediately recognisable.

Offering hard and soft knee compression and simple use controls, the 16T brings all the personality – and ease of use – of the original hardware unit to your DEEP enabled SQ mixer.

Can be used in place of any input or mix channel compressor with zero-latency.

Added punch.
For the whole band.

Tighten up bass sounds, add punch and weight to kick and snare or use on a drum bus for parallel “New York style” compression.

Slap it on acoustic guitar to emphasise the percussive qualities of the instrument and bring it to the front of your mix.

Oh, and it’s also a “secret weapon” for hip hop vocals.

Simple to Use

3 Knobs. Infinite Possibilities.

A key reason this particular compressor is so successful in live use is the ‘simple to use’ 3 knob interface – with threshold, ratio and make-up gain – easy to setup and easy to control.

We’ve included hard and soft knee settings and the full ratio control, including the negative ratio (beyond infinity) settings. This can be an essential tool for controlling those moments in the set when energy is peaking!

“The way I mix is through audio groups and I find that the 16T just gels everything together and makes it ‘pop’ a bit more, whilst keeping under control. Having something sound that good and be that practical in the desk is really great!”

Jon Lewis, FOH
(King Charles, Ronnie Size, The Feeling, Clean Cut Kid)