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Taste Club in Thailand Improves Nightlife Experience with Full Control from Allen & Heath

Taste Club, a popular destination for nightlife enthusiasts in Bangkok, Thailand, upgraded their sound system with the installation of state-of-the-art technology from industry leaders Allen & Heath and Adamson.

Driven by a commitment to setting new standards in entertainment, Taste Club sought an outstanding sound system that would distinguish them from competitors and provide an immersive experience for their patrons. After extensive research and evaluation of various options, they were impressed by professional audio distribution company Sonos Libra’s proposal. 

The idea was to have a very high SPL, great intelligibility and uniform coverage while also attaining an easy way to control the sound system. For the speakers, Adamson IS-Series and Point Series products were chosen to provide high quality sound throughout the venue. 

To enhance the flexibility and ease-of-use of the system, Allen & Heath’s AHM-16 matrix processor and an SQ-5 compact digital mixer were integrated into Taste Club’s setup.

There are four analogue signal runs coming from the DJ Booth into the AHM-16, which offers a 16×16 processing matrix and 8×8 local analogue I/O. Allen & Heath’s AHM processors lend themselves to busy spaces with multiple areas such as Taste Club, as the system can be set to automatically adjust how loud each zone is. The AHM-16 processor also boasts Allen & Heath’s 96kHz FPGA Core with sub-millisecond latency, and a variety of simplified control options that don’t require specialised training to use.  

The SQ-5 mixer provides 48 input channels with 96kHz processing and was set up to send its outputs to the AHM-16. This means the club’s management can use presets for simple and uncomplicated control, or instead opt for comprehensive in-depth control when required, so they can effortlessly tailor the audio experience to suit different events. This signal flow additionally provides redundancy in case of any hardware failure, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment for guests.

The meticulous tuning and commissioning of the system were overseen by the expert engineering team at Sonos Libra with a final check from CEO Alfonso Martín, who commented, “This is one of the best sounding clubs in the city, no question.”

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