96kHz Modular Expander w/Full Redundancy Option

The DX32 Expander adds remote, modular I/O to a dLive, AHM-64, Avantis or SQ system. It provides 4x 8 channel slots to fit a selection of analogue or digital I/O.

The DX32 connects via a single Cat5e cable to the dLive Surface, MixRack, SQ SLink port, Avantis SLink port, AHM-64 SLink port or DX Hub via a secure etherCON port. Two cables can be used for redundant connection to compatible dLive hardware.

With dLive

Up to 2 DX32 Expanders can be connected directly to a dLive MixRack, and a further DX32 can be connected to the Surface. More units can be added to a dLive system via a DX Link card or DX Hub.

With Avantis

A single DX32 can connect directly to an Avantis SLink port. Up to 8 DX32s can be added to an Avantis system via DX Hub and/or DX Link cards.

With SQ

A single DX32 can connect directly to an SQ SLink port. Up to 4 units can be added to an SQ system via a DX Hub.

With AHM-64

A single DX32 can connect directly to an AHM-64 SLink port. Up to 4 units can be added to an AHM-64 system via a DX Hub.


  • 4x 8ch modular design
  • Redundant, hot swappable power supply
  • Dual redundant Cat5 link to Surface or MixRack
  • Rack-mounted or shelf / floor operation
  • 3 Year Warranty

Available I/O Modules


Next-generation 8-input preamp design with DC coupled gain stage. Features 32-bit / 96kHz ADC for class-leading conversion.

PRIME Output

Next-generation D-A 8-channel output card design using the very latest 32-bit converters and specially selected op amps for ultra-low noise.



8 recallable preamps with XLR connectors for balanced or unbalanced microphone and line level signals. Gain, Pad and 48V are digitally controlled within the preamp.



8 line level, balanced XLR outputs. The outputs are relay protected to prevent power on or off thumps.



4x stereo AES3 inputs on XLR with SRC (32kHz – 192kHz sampling rate). Sample Rate Conversion can be bypassed for 96kHz operation.



4x stereo AES3 outputs on XLR (44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz switchable).

dLive DX32 Images