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24in / 12out 48kHz Expander

24in / 12out 48kHz Expander

AR2412 is a 48kHz, 24 XLR input, 12 XLR output AudioRack, compatible with Qu, Avantis and SQ mixers, and with the AHM audio matrix processors.

24 Mic Preamps

+60dB of gain with -20dB pad for line level sources.

12 Line Outs

Balanced, relay protected line outputs on XLR.

Expander & Monitor Ports

Dedicated ports for connection to an AR84 or AB168, and to the ME Personal Mixing System.


No configuration required, just connect to your mixer and you’re ready to go. Firmware updates are handled automatically by the mixer.

Maximum Flexibility

Put It Where You Need It

The AR2412 can be placed up to 100m away from the mixer for maximum flexibility of positioning and includes rack ears for mounting in a 3U 19″ rack space.

The unit connects over a single Cat5 cable to the mixer or upstream Expander. A second port is provided for daisy-chaining to another compatible expander or for connection to a ME personal mixing system.

Connect to the ME Personal Mixing System

The AR2412 can connect directly to our ME Personal Mixing System via the Monitor port, giving musicians the power to control their own monitor mix.

Compatible with

Compact Digital Mixers


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