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Allen & Heath Celebrate 20 Years of the Legendary Xone:92 With Limited Edition

Allen & Heath is marking the 20th anniversary of the iconic Xone:92 with the release of the Xone:92 Limited Edition, combining classic styling with modern refinements to deliver the best-ever version of the legendary mixer.

“Since its launch in 2004, the Xone:92 has established itself as the definitive all-analogue DJ mixer and has remained a permanent fixture in superclub booths and on the riders of top DJs around the world,” says Al Crombie, Allen & Heath’s DJ Product Specialist. “When it came to celebrating this milestone, the Xone team wanted to do something special, taking the classic design and adding a little bit extra for the Xone:92 super-fans, analogue aficionados, and vinyl lovers.” 

With a production run of just 920 units, the Limited Edition’s aesthetics pay homage to the original run of Xone:92 mixers with a retro-styled silver top panel recalling the much-loved colourway from the early 2000s. The Xone design team painstakingly matched the Limited Edition’s colour against one of the earliest Xone:92 units, resulting in a perfect colour match for the top plate. 

Under the hood, a revised RIAA preamp design, featuring a new curve tailored specifically for electronic music, brings unprecedented detail to vinyl playback, and the original filter circuit has been honed to improve control while retaining its legendary sonic character. Recessed Filter and XFade switches, plus the addition of a custom innoFADER Pro, further elevate the tactile mixing experience. 

Inside the box is an exclusive fine art print from The Worxlab, 12” square – naturally – and printed on premium archival-quality paper, hand signed and numbered with the serial number of the mixer by artist and founder of DJWORX and SKRATCHWORX, Mark Settle. 

“It’s an absolute honour to work with Allen & Heath,” says Mark Settle, artist and owner of The Worxlab. “Given that the original Xone:92 was launched the same year I released skratchworx to the world, working together on this project feels like the perfect collaboration!” 

The rear panel of each Xone:92 Limited Edition features a specially designed serial number plate, etched and filled with a unique and sequential serial number. Also included in the box is a matching engraved “dog tag” key fob, machined with the serial number of the mixer, plus a signed and hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity for the 12” print. 

“The Xone:92 Limited Edition is more than just a celebration of a classic mixer,” adds Crombie. “It’s a tribute to the passion and creativity of the DJs who have been on this journey with us, keeping the Xone:92 at the pinnacle of analogue mixing for the last two decades, and well into the future.”  

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