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Xone:92 Limited Edition

4+2 Channel Analogue Mixer

4+2 Channel Analogue Mixer

The Xone:92 Limited Edition celebrates 20 years of the iconic Xone:92, combining classic styling with modern refinements to deliver the best-ever version of the legendary analogue DJ mixer.

The Xone:92 Limited Edition celebrates 20 years of the iconic Xone:92, combining classic styling with modern refinements to deliver the best-ever version of the legendary analogue DJ mixer.

The mixer’s design is a tribute to the original production run with a remixed version of the much-loved and sought-after silver top panel and artwork. Under the hood, a revised RIAA preamp design brings unprecedented detail to your vinyl playback, a custom mini innoFADER® Pro ensures a smooth mixing experience, and the original filter circuit has been honed to improve control while retaining all of its legendary sonic character.

Inside the box, a unique 12” fine art print from The Worxlab and matching “dog tag” key fob, both emblazoned with the mixer’s serial number, make the Xone:92 Limited Edition the ultimate collector’s item for analogue aficionados and vinyl DJs.


The 92 Preamp. Fine Tuned.

The Xone:92 Limited Edition’s phono preamps have been fine-tuned to get the best out of your decks and vinyl.

Taking the original 92 preamp circuit as a starting point, the Xone team dedicated countless hours to testing numerous modifications. Throughout this process, we conducted continuous listening tests to pinpoint the optimal RIAA curve for the Limited Edition, settling on a curve tailored specifically for electronic music.

The addition of Line/Phono source matching ensures a smoother mixing experience for DJs who combine vinyl and digital playback in their sets.



OG Styling. Modern Features.

The Limited Edition pays homage to the original early run of Xone:92 mixers with a retro-styled silver top panel recalling the much-loved colourway from the early 2000s.

The Xone design team painstakingly matched the Limited Edition’s colour against one of the earliest Xone:92 units, resulting in a perfect colour match for the top plate.

The legend has been refocussed to provide increased legibility of key controls, and recessed Filter and XFade switches further improve the mixing ergonomics over the original design.

The crossfader has been updated to the industry-favourite mini innoFADER Pro®, tuned to match the curve of the original 92 fader, providing a smooth mixing experience.


The Legendary Filter. Just Easier To Use.

The Xone:92 filter changed the game when it made its debut in 2004. Twenty years on, it’s still the benchmark, and the Limited Edition adds usability improvements to make it easier to dial in.

The updated filter features a refined taper, providing extended precision in the frequency control thanks to an optimised control curve, all without affecting the filter’s much-loved sound. Silent filter switching and enhanced resonance are also added as part of the filter circuit refresh.

Limited Run

For The Collectors

With no more than 920 mixers available worldwide, the Xone:92 Limited Edition is the ultimate collector’s item for those with a love of vinyl and analogue.

The rear panel of each Xone:92 Limited Edition features a specially designed serial number plate, etched and filled with a unique and sequential serial number.

Also included in the box is a matching engraved “dog tag” key fob, machined with the serial unique number of the mixer.

Worx of Art

It’s not just the mixer that is a work of art.

Inside the box is an exclusive fine art print from The Worxlab. 12” square – naturally – and printed on premium archival-quality paper using professional pigment ink, hand signed and numbered with the serial number of the mixer by artist and founder of DJWORX and SKRATCHWORX, Mark Settle.

A hand-signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity from The Worxlab is included with the giclée. 




100% analogue circuitry and mix bus summing

4 Phono/Line Channels + 2 Mic/Line Channels

Optimized RIAA preamps for vinyl DJs

Precision 4-band EQ control

Dual analogue Filters with silent-switching

Refined Xone:VCF Filters for enhanced control

Custom innoFADER® for maximum responsiveness

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