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Simple, customised control for AHM-64 and dLive installed systems

Custom Control LogoB

Simple, customized control for AHM-64 and dLive installed systems

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Custom Control is a customisable, cross-platform control app, providing elegant, bespoke control over Allen & Heath AHM-64 and dLive installed audio systems.

  • Multiple user interfaces (per user, per device type)
  • Custom graphics and background
  • BYOD friendly
  • Optional password protection
  • iOS / Android / Windows / Mac


The integrator can freely design multiple user interfaces, tailored to different user levels and/or device types. For example, a bartender can be presented with a simple phone interface, while the AV operator can access uncluttered levels and routing on their tablet, but more comprehensive control when using their laptop.



The design of the app interface is via Custom Control editor software. Access to all levels, mutes and sends is provided, together with preset recall, source selection and metering. Tabs can be configured for easy access to multiple control pages or zones. A library of control designs is provided, with the option to add custom graphics to match the venue. Once complete, the configuration is uploaded to the AHM-64 or dLive MixRack, ready for deployment.


Any device running the Custom Control app can log into the system with a given user profile, at which point the correct user interface is instantly downloaded and displayed. This allows for both kiosk applications and BYOD use, since the configuration is deployed on demand. Users can be password protected for added security.


Example Interfaces