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General purpose I/O interface for remote control

General purpose I/O interface for remote control

GPIO is a general purpose IO switching interface for control integration of an AHM matrix processor or dLive/Avantis mixing system and 3rd party hardware.

Flexible I/O

GPIO provides 8 opto-isolated inputs and 8 normally open (N/O) relay outputs on Phoenix connectors in addition to 2x +10V DC outputs.

Simple Configuration

GPIO functions are programmed using AHM System Manager, Avantis Director or dLive Director software (PC or Mac), or via an Avantis mixer or dLive Surface.

Multi Purpose

The GPIO suits a number of applications including EVAC (alarm / system mute), broadcast (on air lights, fader start logic) and theatre automation (curtains, lights).

Rack Mountable

The GPIO can be installed in a 19” rack (1u / ½ width) or can be operated freestanding.

System Design


Up to 8 GPIO modules can be connected to an AHM, Avantis or dLive system – directly or via a 100Mb/s network switch – using a Cat5 cable.

Compatible with


Up to 8 networked GPIO units can be added to a AHM/dLive/Avantis system

Networked Cat5 connection to AHM, Avantis mixer, dLive MixRack or Surface (<100m)

8 opto-isolated inputs

8 normally open (N/O) relay outputs, one of them configurable to Normally Closed output (N/C)

Industry standard Phoenix connectors

Freestanding or rack-mount (1u / ½ Width) operation

PoE (IEEE 802.3af-2003) compliant

2 10V outputs (500mA max)

I/O parameters configured via:

  • AHM System Manager (PC or Mac)
  • Avantis Director (PC or Mac) or Mixer
  • dLive Director (PC or Mac) or Surface

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