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Home & Studio Recording

Nothing beats the feeling of faders when you’re recording and mixing, and that’s why you’ll find Allen & Heath mixers everywhere from commercial studios through to home recording setups.

With a proud analogue heritage stretching back to 1969, we know how to design a preamp that will get the best out of any source during the recording process Add in our digital know how and you have a mixer that can sit at the heart of your recording setup.

Sound Your Best

Studio Quality (At Home)

Whether you’re using one of our simple to use ZEDi analogue mixer-interfaces, or one of our 96kHz digital mixers with onboard processing and effects, you can be sure that the sound you get out of the mixer will be what goes in. Just better.

Our clean, detailed, preamps are the result of over 50 years of constant refinement and improvement and have been relied on by some of the biggest names in music since the 1970s for live performances in stadiums, arenas and festivals.

Our EQ is renowned for it’s warmth and musicality on all sources, from drums and bass to vocals and violins, letting you sculpt and shape your mix for a professional sound.

Mixers for Home Recording

Analogue Mixers


Our best-selling range of analogue mixers designed for musicians, podcasters, content creators and sound engineers.

More info Read more about ZED
Compact Digital Mixers


Ultra-compact digital mixers for musicians and bands, home producers, small venues and AV installers.

More info Read more about CQ
Compact Digital Mixers


Whether you’re making the move from analogue or updating your digital desk, mixing live or in the studio, it’s time to…

More info Read more about Qu
Compact Digital Mixers


SQ delivers pristine 96kHz audio and class-leading 0.7ms latency with processing and FX add-ons from our flagship dLive system.

More info Read more about SQ

USB & SD Support

Record Anywhere

It’s not always convenient to bring along a DAW for a location or live recording.

That’s why our Qu, SQ and CQ mixers all support multitrack capture directly to a USB drive for high-quality, yet easy to use recording on the move.

Additionally, CQ mixers support direct recording to SD Card making it the perfect ultra compact mixer for recording at home, in the rehearsal room, or at a live show.

Mixers for Mobile Recording

Professional Studios

Superior Sound Quality. Effortless Integration.

Whether you prefer to mix in-the-box or out-the box, our XCVI digital mixers can integrate with your preferred outboard and external hardware to become the heart of your studio.

Our SQ, Avantis and dLive systems can be fitted with Dante, Waves and MADI option cards to open up integration with third-party studio and broadcast equipment with minimal hassle.

The XCVI platform runs at an ultra-low 0.7ms latency so performers can be fed monitor mixes with EQ and effects applied with no impact on latency in their ears.

The ME Personal Mixing System empowers performers to take control of their headphone mix so they can perform to their best, and you can focus on the recording.

Mixers for Studio Recording


Personal Mixing in the Studio

The ME Personal Mixing System puts the musicians in control of their monitor mixes, and lets you focus on the recording.

Out of the box, the ME system will work with our Qu, SQ, Avantis and dLive digital mixers, and third party mixers and interfaces can be connected via Dante, Waves or MADI protocols via the ME-U hub.

The ME Personal Mixing System has been chosen by some of the world’s most prestigous recording and broadcasting facilities thanks to it’s incredible sound quality and ease-of-use.



Product Qty Description Technical Datasheet
ZEDi-10FX 1 Hybrid compact mixer / 4×4 USB interface with FX Download



Product Qty Description Technical Datasheet
Qu-32 1 38 in, 28 out digital mixer Download
AR2412 1 24 in, 12 out AudioRack
AR84 1 8 in, 4 out AudioRack
Qu-You 2 iPhone / Android personal monitoring app for SQ

Commercial Studio


Product Qty Description Technical Datasheet
dLive C3500 1 24 faders, twin screen control surface Download
DM0 1 Compact 4U MixRack with 128×64 processing matrix Download
DX168 3 16 in, 8 out portable Expander Download
M-Waves V3 1 128x128ch dLive Audio Networking Card
dLive OneMix 1 Personal mixing app for dLive, allowing performers to take control of their own monitor mixes.

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