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House of Worship

Churches, Mosques & Temples

Allen & Heath mixers are well respected in houses of worship for having the advanced functionality to meet the ever growing needs for sophisticated AV systems whilst retaining the ease of operation that volunteer operators from technical and music ministries greatly appreciate.

Combine this with touring grade reliability and renowned audio quality and it’s not hard to see why so many houses of worship trust Allen & Heath with their sound.


Any-Sized Worship

Liturgical, Contemporary, Intimate, or Grand. Whether there’s a tech team or a team of volunteers, Allen & Heath provides a scalable solution to meet the needs of your house of worship. Between our matrix mixers and digital mixing platforms, you can tailor the experience for your team and congregation to give them the exact control they need, when they need it – all with unrivaled sound quality.

User Friendly

Simplified Control

When using Allen & Heath’s matrix mixer AHM, or even dLive or Avantis, a world of simple, dynamic control opens. Your team shouldn’t have to work hard to interact with its A/V system.

If you prefer simple tactile controllers, our IP1, IP6, or IP8 can offer rotaries and motorized faders to give a real-life feel to their experience.

For glass-controlled interfaces, Custom Control brings a free, simple-to-build app on nearly any device. Now your production team can control sound, video switchers, and more from a custom interface on their tablet while your volunteer staff can run their weekday meeting on their phone without the need of a sound tech present – all in one.

Flexible Routing

Get The Word Out

When your house of worship has multiple zones of audio such as a narthex, sanctuary, café, lobby, or classroom space, letting each zone pick and choose what they want to hear becomes invaluable.

With AHM, give your people the power: send any audio to any location, customize the sound in each space, automate the level, and give them controls that match their comfortability with technology.

Application Examples

See how our range of installed audio products can work for your project.



Product Qty Description Tech Datasheet
AHM-64 1 64×64 Matrix Processor Download
IP1 1 Networkable wallplate controller, 1 rotary Download
Custom Control App Customizable, BYOD-friendly, cross-platform control app Product Page

Medium House of Worship


Product Quantity Description Tech Datasheet
Qu-32 1 38 in, 28 out digital mixer Download
Qu-Pad 1 iPad app for comprehensive Qu mixer control

Medium-Large House of Worship


Product Qty Description Tech Datasheet
SQ-7 1 48ch digital mixer, 32 preamps, 33 faders Download
SQ-6 1 48ch digital mixer, 24 preamps, 25 faders Download
DX168 3 16 in, 8 out portable Expander Download
ME-1 2 40ch personal mixer with customisable layout Download
SQ Dante 2 Dante 64ch 96kHz/48kHz card
DX Hub 1 4 port hub for DX I/O expansion
SQ MixPad 1 iPad / Android app for SQ control

Large House of Worship


Product Qty Description Tech Datasheet
dLive S5000 1 28 faders, twin screen control surface Download
DM32 1 32 in, 16 out MixRack with 128×64 processing matrix Download
DX32 2 32×32 modular rackmountable Expander Download
ME-1 3 40ch personal mixer with customisable layout Download
SuperMADI 1 MADI 128ch 48/96kHz audio networking card
IP8 1 Networkable remote controller with 8 motorised faders Download
IP1 1 Networkable wallplate controller, 1 rotary Download

ME Personal Mixing for Houses of Worship

It’s All About the Message

Worship music is a key element of contemporary services, so the message in the music should be crystal clear for your congregation.

Personal monitoring delivers two major benefits to improve the quality of the performance and the clarity of the audio.

Recommended for House of Worship

Large Digital Mixers


Our flagship digital mixing platform is designed for the most challenging and prestigious live sound environments.

More info Read more about dLive
Compact Digital Mixers


SQ delivers pristine 96kHz audio and class-leading 0.7ms latency with processing and FX add-ons from our flagship dLive system.

More info Read more about SQ
Audio Matrix


AHM is a family of powerful Audio Matrix Processors supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of scalable I/O, control and Dante solutions.…

More info Read more about AHM

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